10 Useful tips on how to make your running routine easier

Not everybody wants to train for a marathon and many people just run, to keep themselves fit. For these people, they want running to be fun and they don’t want to feel half dead afterward! Here are ten simple tips to make your running effective, but still enjoyable and relatively easy:

1. Run at your own pace

It’s not a race, so run at a pace that you are comfortable with, even if you are running in a group. And if someone overtakes you, don’t be tempted to try and overtake them back again! Leave your competitive spirit at home and just do what you are comfortable with.

2. Vary your running route

Don’t take the same route every day or you will get very bored and demotivated. Vary the route or even just run the same route in reverse, so long as you get new things to look at as you run, then it won’t get so monotonous and you will find it much easier.

3. Vary the times of day too

Try running at different times of the day. This will increase the variety again, to keep things interesting, and you might even discover a time of day that you find running is easier for you.

4. Warm up first

Start your run off slowly and you will find it much easier to complete the full distance. Gradually pick up the pace, as you feel that you are ready and then you won’t burn out too early.

5. Change the pace during a run

Speed up, slow down, sped up and slow down again. Varying the pace of your running, throughout the course of the workout will still keep your pulse rate up, but it will make the run much easier.

6. Run with a friend

When you feel your enthusiasm flagging and, your determination is failing, then there’s nothing better to keep to your running, than a running partner. If nothing else, you won’t want to let your partner down, so that will give you the motivation to keep on running.

7. Join a running club

Even better than one running buddy, how about twenty or so? Joining a running club can make your running easier and make it much more fun. You get to meet like-minded people and share your successes and that will definitely keep you motivated.

8. Get into the beat

Whether it’s classical, or heavy metal, some music in your mind or in your ears will make your running seem so much easier. Plug the earphones into your iPhone and let rip with some of your favourite tunes and, before you know it, your run will be over and you’ll be looking forward to another lap!

9. Run, just run!

You don’t have to set yourself strict targets and deadlines for your runs, though broad targets are not a bad thing. What you don’t need to do, however, is to set unrealistic targets. If you feel tired, then stop! If you don’t, you will have no incentive or energy to try again tomorrow.

10. Don’t forget to fuel your running

If running is starting to feel difficult, then have you thought about eating more? You may be trying to lose weight, but if you feel that you can’t run, then maybe you just don’t have the energy to do so. You need to eat to fuel your running. So, don’t starve yourself!

What are your favorite tips for running?

Stay happy and healthy!

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