10 Tips on how to make exercise fun and love it

However enthusiastic you are about losing weight, getting fit or staying in shape, exercise on some days just seems downright boring. For some people, the boredom factor of exercise is one of the biggest obstacles in the way of them gaining and maintaining their fitness levels. If you get bored with exercise, then read on and find ten ways that you can make exercise fun and even come to love it.

1. The gym is not the only place for exercise

Absolutely any type of exercise is good for you and you don’t have to go to a gym to do it. You can exercise at home or you can walk, cycle or join a dance class. The gym can be the most boring of all the workouts, so don’t be fooled, that isn’t only place you can effectively exercise.

2. Play some music

Another great tip on how to make exercise fun and the way to break the monotony of working out is to listen to some music. Music lifts your mood and takes your mind of the repetitive nature of the exercise and the beat will help you put in more effort.

3. Take up a team sport

For a workout that you can really enjoy, take up a team sport that you can play with others. It’s far more enjoyable playing a game of tennis or volleyball than it is running on your own and the competitive side to the sport will spur you on top to try even harder.

4. Find a workout buddy

Next great tip on how to make exercise fun is to find a workout buddy. Exercising with a friend is a sure way to make it more amusing and entertaining. You can talk, while you work out and you can set each other challenges. It adds a whole new, fun dimension to a workout routine.

5. Vary your workouts

Changing your workout routines might seem a bit obvious, but many people do get into a habit of doing the same exercises, day after day. If you plan your workout routines ahead, you can aim to do different forms of exercise every day and then it won’t seem so much of a chore.

6. Set achievable goals

Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals, because, when you don’t achieve them, you will soon lose your motivation. Make your targets realistic for your current fitness levels and then, your exercise sessions will be more enjoyable, because you won’t be trying to achieve the impossible.

7. Track your progress

As well as setting achievable goals, it’s also important to keep a track of your progress. Keep a fitness journal and then you will be able to see that the effort you are putting into exercise is worthwhile.

8. Keep it simple

Try and keep your exercises as simple as possible and avoid the complicated moves or difficult to use equipment, until you are really ready. If you over complicate things, you will spend more time reading the instructions than you do working out!

9. Multi task

Exercising is one occasion where multi-tasking can be a great help and it is another useful tip on how to make exercise fun. Exercising doesn’t mean that you can’t do something else at the same time. If you are on a treadmill then you could listen to music or an audiobook and, if you are exercising at home, you could be watching the TV at the same time.

10. Give yourself rewards

Next tip on how to make exercise fun is, when you do achieve a fitness target, don’t forget to give yourself a treat. Spend a day at a spa or treat yourself to some new clothes. Whatever will give you the motivation to keep going, so long as that isn’t taking a year off doing exercise!

How to make exercise fun? What are your best fitness motivation tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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