10 Tips on how to build muscle fast

There are some distinct differences between men’s and women’s physical make up that do make it harder for women to build muscle mass. Most girls don’t want to look like the Incredible Hulk, but a toned and lean body can look really attractive. In fact, it’s would be difficult for a woman to develop the rippling muscles of a male bodybuilder, but here are ten tips on how you can change your body shape and build muscle quickly.

1. Check how you look, not how much you weigh

For most women, gaining muscle mass will go hand in hand with losing fat, but you shouldn’t fixate on what your bathroom scales are telling you though. Your weight will vary from day to day and, if you are trying to build muscle mass, then your weight could even increase from time to time. What you should be doing, to check your progress, is looking in the mirror to see how your body shape is improving.

2. Make sure you are eating enough

Another tip on how to build muscle fast is to make sure you are eating enough. If you are trying to lose weight and tone your muscles, don’t forget that your muscles will still need feeding if they are to grow. Don’t cut back on the calories too far, or there won’t be enough nutrients for muscle growth, and increase your intake carbohydrates and protein to feed that growth.

3. Balance your workouts

Extreme cardio workouts will burn fat, but it will also hinder your muscle building progress. You will need to balance out the muscle toning exercises with cardiovascular workouts, while you are building up muscle mass.

4. Push yourself

While you don’t want to injure yourself, you will need to push hard to get the muscles to work harder and increase in size. So our next tip on how to build muscle fast is to push for just more repetition, until you feel the burn, because muscles grow in response to being pushed beyond what they have been used to.

5. Work out several times a week

Get yourself into a routine of working out, at least, three times a week. If you are new to exercise, you may have to start off with less sessions a week, until your body becomes accustomed to the new regime; but then, when you feel comfortable to do so, increase the number of sessions gradually.

6. Exercise all of your muscles

Another tip on how to build muscle fast is to exercise all of your muscles. Don’t just focus on one set of muscles, do exercises that will work on multiple joints and muscles at the same time. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges and box jumps will push a number of muscles, so you will be building muscle mass throughout your body for less effort.

7. Add weights as you need to

When you start to get comfortable with any exercise, then it’s time to up the weights, increase the repetitions, or both. When you keep pushing yourself to the max, your body will start to produce testosterone, which will help you to build up the muscle mass. Don’t worry though, it won’t be enough testosterone to make you grow a beard and develop a deep voice!

8. Have a good post-workout meal

Your post-workout meal is important too, so our next tip on how to build muscle fast is to always have good, healthy meal after each workout, with plenty of protein and carbohydrates. Aim to have your post-workout meal within two hours of your workout and then the nutrients will be directed towards your muscles.

9. Get plenty of sleep

Don’t skip on the sleep, if you are trying to build up muscle, because that is where some real magic happens. If you’ve done a good workout and topped up with plenty of protein, then, while you sleep, your body will repair and strengthen your muscles.

10. Have patience

Building muscle is hard work and, especially for women, it takes time. Don’t be afraid that you will bulk up too much, that is very unlikely and keep at the routine. You will see some difference in your body shape within a reasonable amount of time, but it may take anything up to twelve months before you see dramatic changes.

How to build muscle fast? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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