10 Tips For Girls To Get Firm Abs

Want to look amazing? In this article we give you 10 tips on how to get firmer abs.

Twenty years ago, abs hadn’t hit the mainstream. Perhaps your dad knew what abs were, but your mom probably thought an “ab” was a drink. Fast-forward to 2017, and it’s as though we’re all in a competition with one another and ourselves to get toned bodies.

You see ads everywhere online – “how to build a better butt,” “get fit the easy way,” and “how to get sculpted like a slab of ice art.”

But how easy is it to get firm abs?

Actually, it’s really easy once you know what you’re doing. If Beyonce is able to proudly show off her tight, flat as a pancake, so are you. All you need to do is read our 10 tips – and then execute them.

Boost Your Posture

For a lot of people, their posture is a major issue. The thing is that many of us don’t even know that it’s a major issue.

Sometimes, this is where ourselves and a celebrity like Beyonce differ. Where Beyonce has a highly-paid personal trainer who points out her poor posture, we carry on through life not realising that ours needs improving.

But as Beyonce’s personal trainer will surely have pointed out to her, posture is important if you want firmer abs.

Like really important.

The good thing? Improving your posture is SIMPLE!

To improve your posture, simply align your knees over your ankles, your hips over your knees, your shoulders over your hips, and your ears over your shoulders.

And stand up straight. Easy, right?

Close Your Rib Cage

Not everyone thinks about closing their rib cage when they do their sit-ups. But those celebrities with killer abs? They probably do.

The next time you do a sit-up, pay close attention to your rib cage. If it’s open – and it will be – close it. Why? Because a closed rib cage crunches your abs, provides support for your back, and engages the transversal abdominals.

Train Your Body As A Whole

A lot of people break their workout down into component parts. So they’ll work on one part of their body one day, and another part another day.

But training your body in isolation like this is actually really bad if you want to improve your abdominal strength.

Lots of people assume that, to get better abs, they must focus on their crunches.

But does eating and talking create the perfect, hollow jaw? Absolutely not.

Yes, you need to include crunches in your workout routine. But you also need to include lots of other stuff too, such as Pilates, planks, leg lowers, and seated rotations.


When we exercise, we don’t breathe as much as we do when we’re sat around watching TV. Ever noticed how breathless you are during and after a workout? For firmer abs, breathing as much as possible is essential.

When you breathe more, your core muscles get more oxygen so that they work at their max capacity.

Naturally, it’s not always so easy to keep breathing during exercise. We suggest that you inhale during the easy bits and exhale during the hard bits.

Take A Look At Your Diet

Some girls who are exercising a lot but still seeing no abdominal improvement should take a close, objective look at their diet. It could be this that’s letting you down.

To get flatter, firmer abs, you need to adopt a good diet. You need to cut out junk, boost your intake of protein and the right carbs, and combine it with exercise.

When you eat carbs, you consume calories. Does this mean you should eat less carbs? On the contrary, you need to focus on complex carbs while making sure you continue to workout.

If you eat but don’t exercise, all the surplus energy from the carbs will be turned into surplus fat. And this is when people get the idea that carbs are bad.

Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and grains. Cut out the simple carbs that you’ll find in the likes of candy and soda.

Rest Up

Instead of going hell for leather to get firmer abs, you need to let your body rest every now and then. After two or three days of intensive training, take a break. Let your abs recuperate. Be kind to them. Give them a chance to rest and improve.

If you crack the whip each day, you’ll struggle to see results.

You Don’t Need Fancy Gimmicks

We know that some girls think that Bosu balls are essential to achieving the abs of their dreams.

“I don’t get it. I’ve been rolling around with my Bosu ball for a month now, but no luck. Do you think I need a second Bosu ball?”

Props are fun, and they do have some benefits. However, they’re not necessary. And they could actually be preventing you from meeting your abs goals.

Cut out the fancy gimmicks now and focus on …

Work Out Anywhere, Anytime

For some girls, the conditions have to be just right before they work out. They need their props, their space, their new gym clothes, and their fancy sneakers.

Otherwise, they’re not working out today and we can’t make them.

The truth is, you don’t need any of that stuff. You can “work out” wherever you are, at any time. You could stretch in the park, stand up straight at a cocktail party, or go planking in the skateboard park. Wherever you go, you can fit in a few moves that will help you to firm up your abs.

Get The Dumbbells Out

Contrary to popular belief, dumbbells aren’t just for your biceps. You need your abs to be challenge, and there’s no better way to challenge them than by getting out the dumbbells.

Do Cardio

Sometimes, stubborn belly fat just won’t go away. And you’re not going to achieve flatter abs if you have belly fat.

To this end, we suggest adding cardio to your routine. Cardio blasts calories, and for best results we recommend that you do cardio at least three times a week. It’s a great way of burning body fat. And once you’ve done that, you start seeing stronger abs.

Stay happy and healthy!

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