10 Things you should never do in a yoga class

If you are still fairly new to yoga, then you might not yet feel totally at ease with what the etiquette in a yoga class is all about. Generally, yoga classes are pretty relaxed affairs and the rules for behaviour are not spelled out, or put up on notice boards, but there are still the unspoken rules that you should be aware of. If you don’t want to become the most unpopular person in your yoga studio, then you should read these ten things that you should absolutely never do in a yoga class.

1. Heavy duty perfume

You want to smell nice and you certainly don’t want to smell of body odour, but be careful not to go overboard with the scent, or you will run the risk of annoying your yoga classmates. Yoga classes are often held in fairly small, confined spaces and you will be in close proximity to other people, so don’t shower yourself with perfume before you go into your class because your yoga neighbour really won’t appreciate it.

2. Playing with your phone

Switch off your phone and leave it in your locker, because, no electronic gadgets allowed, is another unwritten rule of yoga class. You are supposed to be concentrating on what you are doing and everyone else is trying to concentrate too. Even a sneaky peak at your messages will annoy your classmates.

3. Loud gossiping

If you go to yoga class with a friend, or you get to know someone in the class, keep the gossip for later, because no one else wants to hear how bad your date went last night, or any other of your personal news for that matter. Loud chattering at a yoga class will be as welcome, as someone using their cell phone in a library.

4. Arriving late

Delays can happen and everyone knows that, but if you do arrive late, then sneak into the back row quietly and don’t draw attention to yourself. If you do arrive late too often, people will lose their patience, because they want to take their yoga seriously, and they don’t want you interrupting the concentration every single lesson.

5. Invading other peoples space

Your neighbour in a yoga class really doesn’t want your foot in her ear, so be aware of keeping to your own space and try to avoid collisions with other people. Space can be tight in some yoga classes, but try to arrange your mat so you are not close to other people and leave plenty of room to stretch your arms and legs.

6. Giggling

Yoga can be tricky and it can get you to some pretty funny positions, but try not to burst into giggling fit halfway through a class. However funny you find a pose; your classmates are probably trying to take it seriously. Hold your breath and hold on to that giggle, and remember everyone else is trying to relax.

7. Falling asleep

Yoga is supposed to be relaxing, but not that relaxing! If you’ve been up late the night before, grab a coffee before you start your yoga class because falling asleep mid class is a definite etiquette no-no in yoga. If you think that you might doze off, mid pose, then at least sit toward to the back, so that everyone doesn’t see you do it.

8. Not clearing up after yourself

When the class has finished, avoid leaving a mess behind you and don’t expect someone else to clear it up. Pack away your props and wipe down your mat with the disinfectant that is probably provided for you, before you put that away too. Some yoga studios hold back-to-back classes, so they don’t have a lot of time to go around clearing up after the last class.

9. Leaving halfway through a class

If you know that you don’t have time to attend the whole class, then it would probably be better to skip that lesson altogether. People will get really annoyed if you get up half way through a class and noisily pack away your things and push your way past other people to get to the exit.

10. Telling the instructor that you know better

Asking a question about something that you didn’t quite understand is fine, but making a comment on everything, or even trying to teach the yoga instructor a thing or two really is out of order in a yoga class. Even if you are an old hand at yoga, keep your pearls of wisdom to yourself and let the instructor do their job. If you really think you know more than your instructor, then you should be looking for a new class.

What other things we should never do in a yoga class?

Stay happy and healthy!

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