10 Surprising benefits of pole dancing exercise

Up until very recently, mention pole dancing, and people would immediately think of seedy nightclubs and strippers. Now, however, pole dancing has entered the mainstream and it is a great, fun way to workout and keep fit. So, put all your preconceptions to one side, and read these ten surprising health and fitness benefits that pole dancing exercise has to offer:

1. It is a fun and sensual way to get fit

Let’s not pretend that pole dancing is not a very sensuous form of dancing and exercise, because it is. Pole dancing does make you feel seductive and that means that you can have some fun, while you are getting yourself fit and there’s no harm in that.

2. It burns calories fast

While you are having all that fun, you will be burning lots of calories too. Pole dancing is a form of workout which combines isometric and cardiovascular exercise, all in one. A half hour pole dancing session will exercise the muscles throughout your body and burn off just as many calories, as more traditional workouts would.

3. It will make you more flexible

Better flexibility is another one of wonderful benefits of pole dancing exercise. If the silent meditation of yoga isn’t your style, then pole dancing offers a great alternative to improve your flexibility. Pole dancing will stretch your muscles and joints as they have never been stretched before and you will soon feel the difference that it makes in your body.

4. It will give you the motivation to workout

One of the biggest barriers that people face in the way of getting fit is boredom. Pole dancing is fun and, certainly, not boring, so you will be looking forward to working out, for a change.

5. You will feel more confident

Confidence boost is another one of benefits of pole dancing exercise. It will improve your fitness and it will also make you feel more confident about your own body and your attractiveness.

6. It promotes good blood flow and it’s good for the heart

When you do pole dancing, you engage nearly all the muscles in your body. You also get your heart beating at a higher rate too, just as you would in any form of aerobic training. This means that it gives your cardiovascular system a really good workout.

7. It can make childbirth easier

Another one of important benefits of pole dancing is that this exercise will help strengthen the back, which can greatly reduce back pain during pregnancy. It also strengthens the abdominal muscles, which can help to make childbirth easier and less painful.

8. It strengthens bones and joints

Unlike running or skipping, pole dancing does not put undue strain on your joints, but it does strengthen them. This can be of great benefit for when you get a bit older, because it can help to prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

9. It strengthens the arms and tones the legs

Pole dancing will give you a lot more strength in your arms and it’s great for toning the thighs and the calves. As you become more proficient at pole dancing, some of the moves will have you swinging around, hanging upside down, and holding your legs out straight in front of you. All of which will tone and strengthen your muscles.

10. You will become better poised and balanced

When you start pole dancing, you will become more aware of your own body and you will gain better balance. You will probably feel more elegant and poised in your everyday life, and possibly feel a lot less clumsy too.

Do you know some other benefits of pole dancing exercise?

Stay happy!

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  1. Ms Kitty
    January 26, 2017 at 11:49 pm

    There are so many benefits to pole dancing, outside of getting in great shape, it also helps you emotionally and mentally. Its a great time to just be who you are where you are and not think about anything else in that time.

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