10 Simple exercises that produce fabulous results 

You can make workouts overcomplicated and if you do, it can put you off working out altogether. If you keep your exercises simple, they can still be super effective and you can do them, pretty much, anywhere. If you are looking to get fitness results fast, without having to read an instruction manual, go back to basics with these ten simple exercises that produce fabulous results.

1. Push ups

The humble push up is the best exercise that there is for toning the upper body and building strength in the arms. Keep your back straight, though, or you could be wasting your time, and aim for around five to ten repetitions at a time.

2. Sit ups

For the abdominals and core, sit ups are another simple exercise you probably learned at school. Lie on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, then raise your body, crunching up, until you are in the seated position. This one is a bit tough, if you haven’t exercised for a while, do try it, and see how you get on.

3. Squats

Another very simple, but effective exercise is the squat. Squats will tone your legs and build muscle, and amazing results can be achieved by building squats into your daily routine. They are also a great way to improve your balance and posture too.

4. Jumping jacks

You know how to do these, just stand with your feet together, then jump and make a star with your arms and legs. Keep up the pace and they will make a great cardio workout, as well as toning the muscles in your legs.

5. Lunges

Lunges are another very simple, leg toning exercise that will help give your legs that sculptured look and get the heart rate up too. Like all our simple exercises, repeat as many times as you can, until you start to feel the strain and gradually up the number you do on each session.

6. Chin ups

Chin ups are great for the upper back, as well as the arms. Again, chin ups can be pretty tough to do, so try just a couple first and then work up to more as your strength builds. Use the underhand grip as well, that’s what makes it a chin up, rather than the harder, overhand grip, pull up.

7. Camel cat stretches

This simple exercise is the perfect way to stretch your body and muscles after you have spent a long time sitting down, and as a part of your regular workout routine. Kneel on all fours and then arch your back up, to look like a camel and then raise and lower your head, arching your back into the cat like position.

8. The plank

Adding the plank to your workout will enable you to tone your abs quickly, as well as work on your back and shoulders. When you lower yourself down, keep the abdominal muscles taught for the maximum effect.

9. Leg lifts

Leg lists are anther one of the all-time classic exercises that you can do at home. They will give your leg muscles and your core a workout and you can do them at any time, even while reading a magazine.

10. Burpee

One of the best, at home, cardiovascular exercises, the burpee, will soon have your heart racing. Start from a standing position and then quickly squat. Place your hands on the floor and kick your legs out into the push up position. Then pull your legs back up under your body again, jump up and repeat.

What are your favorite exercises that produce great results?

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