10 Secrets that only regular runners know

There are any types of people who call themselves runners. Some people run competitively, some run daily, some run marathons and others just run around the block but, all regular runners know some secrets that the walkers of the world never realised. Here are ten of those secrets that only the regular runners know:

1. You can get high running

You may have heard of the runners high and thought it just a myth. Regular runners though know it to be true that, when you exercise for long periods of time, as you do on a run, our body releases endorphins that can give you an amazing euphoric feeling.

2. Running is good for your mind, as well as your body

You’ve probably seen the runners in London or New York marathon, pushing on to the end. Regular runners know that, sometimes, it is more pure willpower than physical fitness that gets them to the end of the run, and they can call on that willpower in other aspects of their life too.

3. Running gives you an immense sense of freedom

Running can take you away from all your troubles and make you feel free. You have nothing but the wind in your hair and the sound of your own pounding feet. And, all you have to think about is finishing.

4. It is easier to become dehydrated than you think

Running is not all good news though, and one thing regular runners learn very quickly is the importance of staying hydrated. Sip water regularly, on a long run, or you will feel like you have a bad case of the flu.

5. Runners feel like they belong to a secret club

There is a great sense of camaraderie between runners and, when you run, you will always get a friendly smile and a wave from your fellow runners. You will also get a lot of encouragement and support from other runners and make lots of new friends.

6. You can be like a kid again

Another thing that regular runners know is how much fun running can be. Non-runners only see the hard work and the sweat, but, what they don’t realise is that runners are secretly being kids again. They can go exploring, splash in puddles and get dirty, without anyone telling them off for it.

7. You need to cool down, as well as warm up

If you are not a regular runner, then you might be surprised to learn that you should cool down after a run, as well as warm up before. Many runners will walk, for the last five minutes of their run, to allow their body to re-adjust after all the exercise.

8. Running brings you closer to nature

When you run, you can look around you and really appreciate what is there. If you take a run in the country or in a park, you will see all kinds of things that you might have otherwise overlooked; and birds and other animals are not so afraid of a runner, as they would be of a car, so will see more of them too.

9. You get to explore your neighbourhood

The ardent runner won’t tell you this but running can be pretty boring too. One way you can stop that though is to take different routes every time you run and that way, you also get to explore your own town and neighbourhood more as well.

10. You become far more aware of your own body

Running makes you become acutely aware of your own body. You can feel your muscles and your joints and you gain a better understanding of what you can, and cannot, physically do. This makes you far more in tune with your body and that will show in a more confident posture.

What are your favorite running tips and tricks?

Stay happy and healthy!

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