10 Reasons why you should learn to dance Tango

The tango is a dance that instantly conjures up images of passion, drama and sensuality and for those of us who are old enough to remember, the film ‘The Last Tango in Paris!’ The tango originated in the border region between Argentina and Uruguay, in the 1890’s, it was a fusion between African and European dance and is now known everywhere around the world. Like all dancing, the tango does more for you than just put a smile on your face, so here are ten great reasons why you should learn the dance:

1. It’s a sophisticated and elegant dance

There are many different styles of tango ranging from gentle close embraces, to the steamy Latin dances, but all forms have an underlying sense of passion about them. Whether it is in the style of playful intimacy or the more dramatic and erotic styles, dancing the tango will surely get you in the mood!

2. It’s a great, fun, low impact workout

With the tango, you are gliding, rather than jumping up and down on the floor, so you burn off the calories and tone your body, without putting the strain on your body like, for example, while running.

3. It improves grace and posture

The steps involved in the tango are steps to the front, the side and the back combined with turns. Completing such turns and steps will enhance your posture and your balance and give you far more grace and poise.

4. You can begin dancing the tango at any age

You are never too young, or too old, to start dancing the tango. Because in the many different styles, you can chose a pace that you are comfortable with, but whatever your age, it’s something that everyone should try at least once!

5. It can open up a whole new social life for you

The world of the tango dancer can be a busy one, if you want it to be. You will meet a whole new circle of friends, from the initial dance classes and practice sessions, to the arranged tango parties, or milongas, there will always be plenty in your diary. Who knows, you may even end up competing in tango dance competitions!

6. It promotes confidence and self expression

Tango isn’t just about jumping up and down in time to the music! Tango is a true form of artistic expression. Each dancer interprets the music and the dance moves in their own way and will give you far more confidence to express yourself in public generally too.

7. It can improve your relationship with your partner

Some people say that dancing Tango can bring couples closer together and help them work more in tandem with each other and trust each other more.

8. It reduces stress and lets you unwind

Dancing the tango can transport you to another place, a place where you don’t have to think about all the worries and burdens of your life. It’s not just the Latin rhythms that transport you, it’s that you have to concentrate so hard on the moves; you won’t have time to think about anything else!

9. It is inexpensive

You can splash out on the shoes and the clothes, if you start to take tango dancing really seriously, but for beginners, you don’t need any special clothes or equipment. There are probably tango classes in a town or city near you and prices usually start from around just $15 or so, per hour. There aren’t many other ways that you can socialise, have fun and get fit for less than that.

10. It is a dance that anyone can dance

It really doesn’t matter what shape or size you are or whether or not you have two left feet, everyone can dance the tango. For those that are too shy to really shake what they have, all over the dance floor, then the tango is just the type of subtle dance that you may have been looking for. The tango is more of a walking dance, but walking with grace and with style.

Do you know some other reasons why dancing tango is great?

Stay happy!

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