10 Reasons why it is good that you feel sore after your workout

While there is a big difference between the soreness that you feel after a good workout and the soreness of an injury, no soreness at all probably means that you didn’t work out hard enough! In most cases, muscle pain after a workout is a sign that you have pushed your body hard enough to make a difference, so read on and find out why that can be a good sign:

1. It shows that your body is adapting

When you exercise hard, especially if you are new to working out, then you are asking your body to do things that it’s not used to doing. Soreness after a workout shows that you’ve pushed your muscles to their limit and that will make them grow, so that they can cope better with this new level of exertion.

2. It will lead to greater stamina

Another part of this adaptation process is that the next time you do it, exercise will be easier. Your body is learning to cope with the new demands being placed upon it and it will improve your breathing and blood circulation to feed the muscles better.

3. Your muscles are repairing themselves and getting stronger

When you exercise hard, you cause microscopic damage to your muscles. This is nothing to worry about, because the muscles will repair themselves, but this time they will be stronger and even more resilient.

4. It will allow you to go further next time

If you got sore from running five miles this time, then next time you will be able to run six! Each and every time you push your body, it adapts, so you will slowly be able to exercise more and more.

5. It tells you when to stop

The flip side to all this good news is that soreness might be telling you’ve gone too far! Listen to what your body is telling you and if the soreness is severe, ease off a bit the next time, because you probably weren’t ready for that extra mile after all.

6. It is a natural reaction to exercise

Muscle soreness caused by workouts is known as DOMS or, delayed onset muscle soreness, and they can take a couple of days to notice. So long as the pain is not debilitating, then it is a perfectly natural reaction to exercise and it’s nothing to worry about.

7. It will lessen

DOMS can be experienced by anyone, even someone who works out every day, but it is more pronounced when you first start taking exercise. Don’t give up though, because it does reduce in severity, the more your body gets used to the increased levels of physical activity.

8. It is a sign that your fitness is improving

The aches and pains that follow a workout show you that your fitness levels are improving. Take it as a good sign because, as they say, no pain, no gain!

9. It shows that you have done your heart some good

If you’ve worked out long and hard enough to get a few aches in your muscles, than you will have given your heart a workout too! Let’s face it, watching TV won’t make you ache the next day, but neither will it get your heart pumping.

10. It means that you are losing weight and gaining muscle

That soreness in your muscles means that you are doing yourself some good. You’ve burnt off some calories and you’ve toned your muscles, so sit back and relax for a while. You should be proud of yourself!

Stay happy!

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