10 Great sports every girl should try

It wasn’t so long ago that certain sports where the sole preserve of men, but now, thankfully, just about every sport is open to both sexes. They don’t get the coverage on TV that they should, but there are now some great women’s football teams, cricket teams and even women boxers. Playing a sport is a far more fun way of working out and it’s a lot easier to stay motivated too. You also get to meet new friends and enjoy a little bit of friendly competition. Here are ten fantastic sports that we think every girl should try, at least once.

1. Football

Did you know that the English Football Association banned the playing of women’s football in any of its member’s football grounds and that ban was in effect right up until 1971? Today, though, women’s football is played right across the globe and, if you are good enough, you could even become a professional football player.

2. Tennis

Women’s tennis is one sport that does get a lot of media attention, even though the Women’s Tennis   Association, the organising body behind professional women’s tennis, was only founded by Billie Jean King in 1973. Whether you just have a knockabout on a municipal court with a friend or take it bit more seriously and join a club, tennis a really good way to keep fit and it is great fun too.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a sport that absolutely anyone can enjoy, whatever your age and whatever ability. Get yourself down to your local swimming pool and you will find organised sessions for all kinds of things and it’s not all about swimming up and down the length of the pool. Swimming gives just about every muscle group in your body a workout, so it’s a great way to keep yourself in shape, all year round.

4. Running

Instead of running on your own, why not join a running club and take part in competitive events? Have a look on Google and you’ll probably find a running club nearby to you. They are not all about preparing for the Olympics; many cater for beginners and for fun runners too.

5. Squash

If you are looking for a fast-paced game that you play all year round, then squash could be the game for you. Squash is another sport that you can just for fun, or you can take more seriously if you want to. Squash clubs usually have a good social side to them too, so it’s a good way to make new friends.

6. Golf

Plenty of fresh air and some good, but not overly energetic, exercise is what you will get if you join a golf club. Some of the well-known golf clubs can be in the pricey side to belong to and many have long waiting lists, but most big cities and towns have municipal golf courses available and driving ranges.

7. Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport that you will find is played at most sports centres and it’s a great, no contact, team sport that everyone can enjoy. You’d probably need to join a club to play, but most clubs do have sessions for beginners if you have never played the game before. Smacking that ball is also a wonderful way to let off steam and let go of some of that pent up aggression!

8. Cricket

Cricket is another of those sports that used to be a male preserve, but now has a thriving women’s world class scene as well. The first recorded game of women’s cricket was actually played as far back as 1745, so the men must have hijacked the sport somewhere along the line. If you are interested, check out your local newspapers aid in online for your nearest cricket club that has a ladies team.

9. Badminton

Badminton is a sport you can even play in your back yard, if your back yard is big enough to stop you continually losing the shuttlecock over the fence and into the neighbour’s garden that is.  It’s also a game that adults and kids can play together, so the whole family can join in. If you want to take it more seriously, there are plenty of badminton clubs and indoor courts too.

10. Martial arts

There are too many martial arts to list them all, from the gentle paced Tai chi, to the less than gentle kick boxing. As well as a good workout, martial arts can also help people’s state of mind as well and it could develop your spiritual side too. Apart from that, there’s never any harm in a girl knowing how to look after herpes in a tricky situation.

Stay happy!

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