10 Great reasons to exercise regularly

Don’t scream yet! We know that you know you should exercise more; trim figure, healthy heart, positive mind and all that…but there are many other reasons why you should keep fit, other than just to look after your health. So, if you are bored of being told that exercise is good for you, have a read of these other reasons that you might enjoy taking it up:

1. You will feel less stressed, but more happy!

One of the great reasons to exercise regularly is that you’ll feel less stressed and more happy! Exercising is a great way of working out your frustrations and, as you exercise, your body releases endorphins, the substance that eases stress and makes you feel happier. A brisk walk or mini workout also beats stress, by simply taking your mind off things for a while and clearing your head.

2. You will feel more confident and will feel better about your body

If you look for tips on how to build self-confidence, try exercising! Exercise can improve your physical appearance, help you lose weight if you need it and make you feel better about your body, which will improve your self-confidence but, that’s not where this story ends. Just as importantly, when you feel fitter, you feel more able to take on challenges and face problems square on. Exercising puts the ability to fight and get things done back into your personality.

3. You will feel more energetic throughout the day

One of the greatest reasons to exercise regularly is that you’ll feel more energetic. You might think that exercising would just wear you out, not give you more energy, but regular exercise will give you more, sustainable energy throughout the day. One study found that exercising at midday gives you more energy for the rest of the day, so just a walk at lunchtime could make a big difference to you.

4. You will be able to think more clearly

Many studies have proven that exercising can help you think more clearly and even become more creative. It’s believed that the increase in oxygen to the brain, that exercising causes can also help you learn more quickly and remember things more clearly.

5. You’ll sleep better

Getting better sleep is another great reason to exercise regularly. Don’t exercise just before you go to bed though, that will make things even worse! Exercising regularly in the morning or afternoon, will give you more energy during the day and will help you to sleep better at night.

6. You’ll make new friends and may be even more…

Another great reason to exercise regularly is that you’ll make new friends! Not only exercising brings you into more contact with other people in the gym or just when you take a run in the park, it also brings people together with a common interest to talk about. If you are single, gym can be one of great ways to meet fit guys ;).

7. You will have a spring in your step

No more shuffling down the street with your head down for you. When you exercise, you will find that instead, you will have a definite bounce in your step and you might even be tempted to sing a little song as you walk!

8. You’ll improve your quality of life and get more things done

Exercising won’t mean that you will live forever, but another great reason to exercise regularly is that you’ll be able to cram an awful lot more into your time, when you’re feeling fit and alert. Instead of just slumping in your chair after work, you’ll be up and looking for something else to do, sitting still and watching TV will no longer be an option!

9. You’ll improve your posture and your vitality

You’ll get a great posture, isn’t it another wonderful reason to exercise regularly?! Your posture says a lot about you. Your vitality and your energy are instantly visible to others, when you hold yourself tall and proud. Exercising will strengthen your back muscles and you will stand, walk and even sit in a more upright and positive manner that all will see!

10. You will get sick less often

Research has shown that people who exercise regularly, get ill less often. A fit and healthy body is better able to fight off infection and disease; so, if nothing else, you’ll get fewer colds in the winter and that’s got to be a benefit worth working for!

The list can go on and on, there are a lot more reasons to exercise regularly.

Do you like exercising? What kind of sport do you prefer?

Feel free to share your own fitness tips and reasons to exercise regularly in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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