10 Fitness tips that can transform your body and your life

Despite all the claims of the effectiveness of super foods, the latest workout trends and diet pills, there is no one single thing that will get you fit, if you don’t do it yourself. Getting and staying fit is really down to two main things: determination and variety. Firstly, you need the determination to see your plans through; just thinking about walking to work instead of using the car isn’t going to get you very far down the road to fitness. Secondly, you need variety, both in your diet and in your exercise regime. Variety is the spice of life, so read our ten ideas to help you on your way to fitness:

1. Plan your goals

One of the most important fitness tips is goal setting. Bad enough if you don’t have a map, but if you don’t even know where you want to go, you might as well stay at home! Set some realistic and achievable goals against which you can measure your progress and the whole process will seem a lot more worthwhile.

2. Track your progress

Keep a journal of what you do and then you can track the progress that you are making as you go. Getting fit is as much about motivation, as it is about anything else, and if you only pat yourself on the back when you get to your final goal, the wait could be too long.

3. Think fit

Another important fitness tip is – think fit! Think about the decisions that you make every day and think fit when you make them. Shall I take the stairs or the elevator? Shall I walk to get lunch or ride? All these little things that you choose to do will help with your overall fitness.

4. Eat a healthy and varied diet

Of course, fitness tips also include a healthy diet. Most of us don’t really need to be told which foods are healthy and which are not. We all know that a burger and fries are not the healthy option on the menu, so pick the salad or fruit instead, and vary your food choices to keep it interesting, as well as healthy.

5. Go public

Another great fitness tip and a wonderful incentive to make it work is to tell everybody else about your fitness goals or to do it for charity. A publicly proclaimed ambition to run a half marathon and collect money for a good cause will make sure you get up in the morning with a whole lot more determination, than if you keep it to yourself.

6. Work out with friends

Working out with friends can not only motivate you, but also make your fitness regime a lot of fun! Exercising on your own can be boring and you can become easily distracted. Working out with friends can bring a bit of healthy competition into the process and they will give you more encouragement and motivation to continue.

7. Experiment with your workout routines

Another simple, yet effective fitness tip is – get some variety into your workouts and experiment with different routines. You need to exercise consistently, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the same thing every time. Different workout routines will tone different parts of your body, so changing the type of routine every so often will have a better overall effect on your fitness, as well as being less boring.

8. Hydrate

Drinking water is essential to your health normally in any event, but when you exercise you sweat, so remember to drink plenty of water to keep you going.

9. Keep a food diary

You deserve a treat from time to time, but keep a diary of everything that you eat and review it at the end of each week. You’ll be surprised at just how many sneaky treats you allowed yourself!

10. Stay focussed on your goals

Remember those goals that you set when you started on this? Well, remind yourself of them when it’s time to work out too. Think of the glory when you past that finishing post and it will all seem worthwhile.

We hope you find these fitness tips useful. Feel free to share your own fitness advice in the comment section below.

Stay healthy!

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