10 Excuses about fitness you need to stop making right now

Everyone makes an excuse not to work out sometimes; after all, you have plenty of excuses to choose from: too tired, haven’t got the time, and these ones are just a few, but when you come up with an excuse every single day, then that’s when you’ve got a real problem. You know that you should get fit; we don’t need to list all the reasons for that, so read these ten common excuses about fitness and find out why they don’t make any sense:

1. I don’t have the time

The number one excuse of all time for not exercising is that you are just too busy. The simplest answer to that one is to get up a bit earlier. Just thirty minutes earlier, you would hardly feel the difference and you would be able to fit in a workout. If that doesn’t work, try fitting your workouts in around your busy schedule. You could exercise while you’re busy watching TV, for example!

2. Exercise is so boring

Exercise is only boring, if you make it that way. Vary your exercise routine and try new things. You could take up a sport, join a dance class or take up a martial art. There are so many different ways of getting fit that boredom is no real excuse at all.

3. I feel too self-conscious to go to a gym

The first question we should ask is have you ever actually been inside a gym? All sorts of people go to gyms and people of all different shapes and sizes. Just go and visit your nearest gym and ask to be shown around and you will see what we mean.

4. Exercise will make me sore

Exercise won’t hurt, if you do it properly. It may be a bit uncomfortable, when you first start, but once your body gets more used it, even that slight discomfort will disappear. When you first start working out, you should take it easy and gradually increase the intensity and the duration of the exercise.

5. I’m always too sleepy to work out

If you are feeling tired, a lot of the time, then that could well be a sign that exercise is exactly what you need. Exercise will help you sleep better at night and give you more energy during the day. It helps the oxygen move through your body and it also releases endorphins that will make you feel more alert and awake.

6. It is too expensive

Exercise can be expensive, but only if you insist on joining the swankiest gym and buying all the designer gear. Taking a walk or doing some exercise in your home costs nothing at all and, if you want to join a gym or buy some equipment, it’s only a matter of prioritising your spending, so that you can.

7. I’ve tried, and it didn’t work

You won’t see results in the first day, or even the first week, though you will probably start to feel better in yourself. Exercise does take time to have an effect, but the sooner you start, the sooner you will see some results.

8. Workouts are too complicated

The best way to start out is to keep it simple. Stick to basic exercises and leave the more complicated routines and equipment until you are ready. Like everything, you learn as you practice and, basic exercise isn’t complicated at all.

9. I’m too out of shape to exercise

If this really is the case, then the sooner you start, the better. Take it easy to begin with and you will not only find that the exercise gets easier, but you will also find that everyday tasks like walking, bending and reaching, will become easier too and you will be able to do far more.

10. I can’t find the motivation

The best way to motivate yourself is to set down your fitness goals and then break those down into more manageable, more realistic, targets. Then track your progress against those smaller targets in a fitness journal. Focussing all your attention on the big targets will make the task seem impossible, so aim for the small ones, and you will get there.

Do you still have other excuses about fitness?

Stay happy!

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