10 Best Tips For The Most Effective High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) is growing in popularity. And it’s no surprise. Offering an alternative way to train, it gets you into the gym and back out again in practically no time at all. It saves you time and produces results.

Put simply, HIIT raises your heart rate almost to its absolute maximum, but letting you have a moment of rest. Not too long, though, because pretty soon you’re at it again!

Such alternation between moderate and high intensity exercises lets you get more done in a shorter period of time. The aim is to boost your anaerobic capacity, while also boosting your aerobic capacity.

It works in the same way as sprinting for a brief period of time. Instead of jogging for a sustained period, springing for a shorter period boosts both your anaerobic capacity and your aerobic capacity. Jogging, on the other hand, just boosts your aerobic capacity.

The gains are incremental. But overall, your health improves. Moreover, HIIT has been shown to help with fat loss. It can also benefit your metabolism.

Let’s take a look at 10 best tips for the most effective high intensity interval training.

Jog And Sprint

This isn’t the easiest workout to complete. But the fitter you get, the easier it will become.

This is similar to walk and sprint, which we’ll take a look at next. But instead of walking, you go for a jog instead.

This high intensity interval training might sound like a lot of hard work, and just reading the words “jog and sprint” can be enough to make you feel exhausted. As such, if you’re not super fit at the moment, it’s probably a better idea that you start off with a walk and sprint.

But once you can master the jog and sprint workout, your anaerobic and aerobic capacities will be amazing.

Walk and Sprint

This high intensity interval training should be really easy. If you don’t consider yourself to be super fit at the moment, we recommend that you start off with this one.

Most people find that it’s good to begin with a thirty-second walk, before following it with a thirty-second sprint. Then, you need to repeat it up to ten times. As you do, you’ll start to feel the burning sensation you surely already know too well.

In fact, once you’re up to number four, you’ll probably be ready for death to take you. Keep going, though. There will be lots of great benefits for anyone who can push through the pain barrier.

The more you do it, the more rounds you can do.

It’s an effective high intensity interval training workout, and it works for anyone regardless of age.

Seal Jumps

Seal jumps are a bit unusual, and the chances are you’ve never seen one performed before. If it’s too silly for you and you’re too shy to do them, try jumping jacks instead.

Either way, perform fifty jumps and follow them with a minutes rest.

Infinite Pushups

This one sounds fun, doesn’t it? Not just one or two or ten pushups, but infinite pushups!! Yay!!

For this high intensity interval training, you’ll be doing pushups each time. Then, you take a thirty-second breather, before doing another ten.

The more you do it, you can start taking fifteen second breaks.

If you get really good at it and really confident, you could cut those breaks down to ten seconds. However, we don’t recommend doing this unless you’re super SUPER fit.

You can do as many rounds as you want, but ten is usually enough for most people.

Infinite Squats

These infinite workouts! Heh! They’re a pain, aren’t they? Infinite squats are actually the one that everyone hates. Nobody really likes doing them. They’re a bit of a nightmare. If you feel like you’re up to it, by all means go for it.

The biggest problem you face is trying to get your squats right. Most people get them wrong, especially the first time. In fact, they’re commonly done incorrectly.

So check yourself in the mirror, and see how it compares to a workout instructor doing it on YouTube. Or ask a friend to help improve your form.

Once you’re confident with your squats, you can then do ten repetitions, before waiting for thirty seconds. Then, repeat.

Squats are ace if you want an awesome butt.

Push & Squat

The push and squat technique combines the infinite push with the infinite squash for double infinity (is that even a thing?!).

So what you do is you do ten pushups, and follow them up with ten squats. Then, you take your crucial thirty second breather. Repeat.

If you want to make this a lot harder than it already is, you could follow one pus up with one squat until you’ve done ten of both. Then rest.

On paper, you might think this looks like a piece of cake. It’s really not! However, as far as total body workout go, this is one of the best high intensity interval trainings.

Infinite Burpees

Okay can we just stop with this infinite stuff?!

None of us like burpees, so you’re not alone in saying that you hate them. And if you’re not sure what a burpee is, you can google it, it’s very simple.

It’s not much fun, but ten burpees and a minute of rest is good for your body. If you ever feel like you want to be sick, stop.

Prison Workout

Imagine you’re in prison for this one, the kind of prison where you have to follow five pull ups with ten prisoner squats and fifteen pushups.

Sit Up And Jump

World class athletes perform this one. Are you up for the challenge?!

For this high intensity interval training, you need to do ten sit ups, before standing up and doing ten vertical leaps.

Each time you perform a leap, you need to reach as high as possible. Be like a spring who soars high into the sky.

If you want to be harder on yourself, do ten pushups following the vertical leaps.

Sprint, Push & Squat

Lastly, start with a fifteen second sprint, before doing ten pushups. Then, do ten squat and take a one minute breather. Repeat.

Do you have other tips for effective high intensity interval training?

Stay happy and healthy!

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