10 Reasons Why Regular Exercising Can Improve Other Areas Of Your Life

Exercising can be pretty daunting if you don’t already do it. It can look daunting, exhaustive, and seeing a treadmill can make you want to run a mile. But obviously not on the treadmill.

But whether you exercise regularly or whether you don’t, you might not be clued-up on the benefits that exercising can actually have on areas of your life other than your thighs, bum and stomach.

Exercising is indeed one of the greatest things you could do in a bid to boost happiness, health and productivity. It can improve your love life, your memory, and even your social life. And what other things in life do all that?!

It’s a magnificent thing where the benefits are sprinkled over many aspects of our lives. To find out exactly what exercising can do for you, let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons why regular exercising can improve other areas of your life.

1. Exercising Can Boost Your Memory

When you exercise, you’re basically getting more energy and oxygen to your brain. This is good, and everyone is probably already aware of this.

But exercising also boosts our your memory. Although we’re not saying that you should get all sweaty and hyped-up before an important exam, we are saying that in the long-term, regular exercise can help you to more strongly bind memories together and learn better.

2. Exercise Improves Your Confidence

Ever noticed how gym bunnies seem super-confident? Ever wanted some of that confidence for yourself?

Well, the reason they’re so darn confident is because they exercise! Regular exercise is enough to make you feel accomplished, and it makes you feel good about yourself and life. You can even feel totally invincible after a good session and as though you can take on the world.

Exercise also improves your appearance which is always a bonus, right?

3. Exercise Improves Your Posture

Got a poor posture? Exercise could help. You might not realise it, but bad posture can lead to all kinds of spinal problems in later life, and it could also mean that you end up with a hunchback.

And none of us want one of those!

Regular exercise means regular muscle work-out. And regular muscle work-out has nothing but positive effects on your abs and back in fixing your posture. You will sit better, stand better, shop better and so on and so on!

4. Exercise Can Help You De-Stress

Need to shed some of that excess stress? Well, you could always exercise your blues away!

Stress is just awful, and at some point or another we will all suffer with it. When we exercise, our brains release endorphins, which are basically anti-stress fighters. Indeed, endorphins will kick stress’ butt and get you feeling all groovy once more. It takes your mind off negative thoughts, and it makes you feel so much better.

5. Exercise Can Make You Sleep Better

Having trouble sleeping? Gee, that is too bad. The good news is that exercise can be the perfect remedy. Although it’s really counterproductive to exercise right before bedtime (because you’ll be pumped and totally not ready for a nightmare), exercising earlier in the day can help make you feel tired at night time. Just in time for bed!

6. Exercise Can Improve Your Social Life

Most people who go to the gym will comment on how it works wonders for their social life. They have gym buddies, and they generally have a good laugh with their friends when they’re working out.

Moreover, exercising with other people also means that you motivate one another to do better. You communicate regularly with like-minded people, make new friends and enlarge your social arena. Exercising doesn’t have to be a solitary practice; instead it can act as a platform to expand your friend base and try new things.

7. Exercise Can Keep Your Weight Down

Naturally, the more you exercise, the more calories you burn. Regular exercise is a fantastic way to lose the pounds, and it can also help to make sure that you don’t gain excess weight.

The great thing is that you don’t have to exercise all the gosh darn time to see results either.

8. Exercise Can Rekindle Your Love Life

If you constantly feel too tired to make love to your partner, regular exercise can give you a boost of energy that helps you get into the zone. If you’re in shape, you’ll be much more alive under the sheets.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. See, regular exercise can also mean that women are aroused more frequently. This means that not only will you have the required energy, but you’ll also be in the right mood.

9. Exercise Gives You The Chance To Do Things You Previously Couldn’t Do

If even keeping up walking pace with your dynamic friends is a struggle, it is a sign that you need to exercise more often.

As is carrying the shopping home before collapsing after 2 minutes.

When you exercise, you get to broaden your horizons. You can do things that were previously off-limits. You can go for morning runs with your friends, or you can even try something as daring as rock-climbing. Regular exercise opens up whole new vistas, and it especially means that no shopping bag will ever be too heavy again.

10. Exercise Lets You Have Fun!

More importantly than anything else perhaps (apart from the fact that regular exercise can reduce your risk of stroke, diabetes, depression and heart disease) is the fact that it allows you to have fun and boost your happiness.

See, exercise doesn’t have to be daunting and exhaustive. It can be incredibly enjoyable and pleasurable. It makes you feel better about yourself, allows you to see your friends and encourage one another, and it lets you channel your energy and push your boundaries.

It might not be pure escapism to some, but to others it actually is. And if you allow it, regular exercise could well be the one thing in your life that gives an injection of sustained happiness.

Do you know other benefits of regular exercise?

Stay happy!

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