10 Fabulous Benefits Of Music And Reasons To Listen To Music While You Exercise

In 2016, more and more of us are working out. Indeed, for many the overriding new year’s resolution was to train harder in a bid to get healthier and fitter.

There are always ways to enhance a workout session so that we push ourselves and more and get more out of it. Perhaps you make yourself accountable by taking a friend along with you, or maybe you’ve got a picture tacked to your wall of how you want to look to serve as motivation.

One of the best ways to enhance a workout session is to listen to music at the same time. Lots of gym goers already listen to music while they work out, but maybe you just assumed it was because they prefer to listen to their favourite tunes than the pants and groans of every one else. Actually, the real reasons are a lot more positive and can have a profound effect on their workout session. So let’s take a look at 10 fabulous benefits of music and reasons why you should listen to music while you exercise.

Music Can Help You To Up Your Effort

If you asked most people whether they felt they were getting enough out of their workouts, they would probably say they weren’t. It seems to a be common attitude among us all that we wish we could do more.

Listening is a great way to up your effort, but its the type of music you listen to is really important. For example, a study by NCBI showed that cyclists push themselves more when they’re listening faster, harder music. Slow music just doesn’t get them pumped in the same way.

So if you are going to up your game at the gym, you’ll need to swap Barry White for a bit of hard techno. Or something of the like!

Music Can Put You In The Zone

We all want to get into the zone when we’re exercising. It’s in the zone where we’re at our best, getting the most out of ourselves. But getting into the zone is not always easy, and sometimes it seems to be frustratingly impossible.

We all have songs that take us to the zone. You’ve got one and you know what it is. All athletes listen to music before their performances because it puts them into the right frame of mind and gets them into the zone.

Music Makes Exercising More Fun

Another one of fabulous benefits of music is that it can make your workout more fun. Let’s face it, exercise is not always fun. Some see it as a challenge, while others eventually see it as a bit of a chore. But if you choose the right playlist, music can always make your workout routine more fun. Rather than spending ages rousing yourself to get down to the gym, you’ll actually start to look forward to it again!

Music Can Improve Your Mood

Working out is not easy when we’re not in the right mood. Perhaps something happened an hour ago that knocked you off balance, stirring up negative thoughts within you. Perhaps right now you really don’t feel like doing this one-hour exercise.

One of amazing benefits of music is that it is remarkably powerful and it can change our mood in an instant. If you need to get out of a bad mood and into a better place, sticking on your favourite tunes can lift your spirits no end. No matter what just happened, music will help you to channel your energy into something productive and worthwhile.

Music Can Reduce Pain

We all get aches and pain when we work out. Aches and pains are just a necessary evil, but one of the surprising benefits of music, especially of listening to music while exercising, is that music can help to distract you from the pain.

Music Makes You Move!

One of the best benefits of music is that it can easily make you move. Come on, who hasn’t heard a catchy beat and wanted to move? Music affects our central nervous system in such a way that we can’t help but tap our feet and move our hips. It’s just so addictive and empowering.

Sometimes when we begin a workout routine we’re feeling a little bit lethargic. We don’t want to move because we’re just not feeling it. Music has the power to make you move.

Again, the type of music that is on your playlist is important; it has to be the kind of music that is going to get you moving and shaking. It needs to be energetic, dynamic and powerful.

Music Can Help You To Keep Up With The Pace

We’ve all lagged behind at the gym. We’ve all watched helplessly as those around us seem to be able to push themselves so much more than us today. We’ve tried to keep up with the pace, but it’s as though our legs just won’t carry us.

Mind and body are definitely connected, and when you can synchronise their connectivity you’re onto a winner. One way to do this when exercising is to listen to rhythmic music.

Music can stimulate the motor area of the brain, thereby helping you to keep up with the pace when you’re cycling, weight-lifting or jogging on a treadmill. Keeping a steady pace without music is not easy, but when you’ve got beats pounding through your ears you’ll find that it’s actually no problem at all.

Music Can Push You Further

Music can be so intoxicating that listening to it while exercising can cause us to push ourselves further – without even realising it.

We could cycle further, swim faster, run longer simply because of music. This is how powerful it is; it’s like a legal performance-enhancing stimulant.

Music Puts You In A Positive Mindset

Another one of great benefits of music is that music can really push you in a positive mindset. Just thinking of your favourite tunes can make you feel better, whether it’s the emotions of the singers voice or the memories you associate with the music.

A positive mindset is key if you’re going to get the most out of your gym sessions, and when you start associating music with positivity in the gym you’ll have a greater desire to keep on exercising.

Music Lifts Heart Rate

If you get your playlist right, the music you choose could boost your heart rate and life your breathing rate. This in turn prepares your body for exercise.

Do you know other benefits of music?

Stay happy and healthy!

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