10 Amazing Running Tips For Beginners 

If you’re considering running as a way to get healthier and fitter, you might be concerned to know how to get the best out of it. After all, you’ll want to know how to pace yourself, how not to push yourself too far, as well as how to avoid serious injury. Moreover, knowing the best places to go running, as well as the best time of the day for this activity are always helpful bonuses.

One of the most effective ways to get the best out of running is to run side by side with an experienced pro. If you simply can’t afford a personal trainer, and if your best friend is running too fast for you, the next best thing is to take a look at our hints and tips on 10 amazing running tips you need to know about.

1. Run Each And Every Day

If you only run now and then, you might find that you’re really struggling to get any results. You’re just not feeling any fitter, and you still get terribly worn out and fatigued after every run. The best way to build consistency and to get fitter is to run every day.

It sounds like a lot to ask, but the only way running can be so effective that it helps your body to burn fat is to run consistently. After the first few weeks, it will become a lot easier, both physically and mentally.

2. Motivate Yourself

Another one of important running tips for beginners is to motivate yourself daily. Running – and especially running every single day – is in no way easy, and a lot of us need a reason to get us out there. Some people take up running to raise money for charity, whilst others have an image in their mind of the ideal body they want.

The best way to make sure you run consistently, then, is to give yourself a reason. It could be anything, but it has to be something strong enough to motivate you each and every day.

3. Invest In Some Running Shoes

If you’re the spontaneous kind who wakes up one morning and thinks: ‘I wanna go for a run!’, the chances are that you live in a house without any running shoes. Rather than put off this new desire to go for a fun, you decide to slip on any old trainers.

The result? Discomfort. Soreness. Injury. Blisters. Blood.

Ew. Not cool. Rather than head out onto the asphalt in a pair of 1990’s Reeboks, we seriously suggest that you invest in running shoes that are suited for your foot type.

4. Be Positive

Another one of good running tips for beginners is to stay positive. It’s little use if running makes you feel exhausted, grumpy and unhappy every time you finish for the day. Feeling like this will only make you want to give up and lash out at the next person who says, “wanna come for a run?”


The best way to ensure that running never becomes a chore is to make sure that you finish runs feeling positive, happy and strong. You need to be in a sound place, both in mind and body at the finish line. Otherwise you’ll be swapping running for Netflix before you know it.

5. Forget About Pace

You can start to think about pace when you get good at this running thing, but at first, pace really shouldn’t matter. Instead, you should take it easy, and focus on your breathing. If you start worrying about your pace per mile as soon as you start running, you’ll feel way too pressured to actually enjoy it.

Easing yourself into running will enhance your enjoyment, and it will also reduce the risk of early injuries.

6. Get Yourself A Running Partner

Next one of great running tips for beginners is to get yourself a running partner; and a running partner doesn’t just act as a conversational sidekick – they also act as a social accountability tool. When we run with someone else, we are greater motivated to keep running. Basically, we encourage one another to get out there and hit the asphalt on those days when we’d rather be lounging around the house with pudding.

And, of course, having someone to chat to helps to pass the time!

7. Perfect The Correct Upper Body Form

Failure to learn the correct upper body form can lead to an incredible amount of pain in your neck, shoulders, back and arms. What you need to do is keep your hands at waist level, and your arms at a 90 degree angle. Your elbows, meanwhile, need to be kept at your sides, whilst your posture should be straight. Keep your head up and you’re onto a winner.

8. Keep A Record

Another one of indispensable running tips for beginners is to keep a record of your progress. Recording your daily goals and targets is a handy way to help you improve. A training diary acts like an accountability tool, and shows you by how much you can step up your game each week. If your long-term goal is to compete in a marathon, your daily and weekly records will help you to improve week by week. For example, if you did 2k one week, perhaps you can try 4k the week after.

9. Use Petroleum Jelly

Blisters really are a nightmare for runners, and too many blisters can put you off running. An easy way to keep them at bay is by smearing petroleum jelly over your feet the evening before you head out on a run. The jelly acts as a softener for the skin, and if you wear double socks on the day of the run, you are basically doubling up on those pesky blisters.

10. Consider Your Food and Drink

Nutrition is a serious consideration when you’re going out on a run, and we recommend that you fill up on a meal about 90 minutes before heading out. We suggest carbs, before perhaps snacking on a banana just before running.

Drink-wise, it’s advisable that you take some water with you if you’re going to be running for close to an hour. Your body will lose a lot of things through sweat, such as electrolytes, and the best way to replace these is via pure water.

What are your best running tips for beginners?

Stay happy and healthy!

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