10 Amazing exercises with major results 

If you are new to exercising, or trying to improve the effectiveness of your routine, it can be tricky to work out which exercises really do work and which ones do not. You can always find some new-fangled exercise that will tie you up in knots, but the simplest and the most basic ones are often the best. Here are ten of those exercises what are guaranteed to get you major results.

1. Walking

Let’s get back to basics! However fit, or unfit, you are anyone can benefit’s from a brisk walk. You don’t need any equipment, you don’t even need to raise a sweat, but it will still raise your heart rate and burn off some calories. Step up the pace a bit when you walk and walk more often, then you will see major results without even really trying.

2. Squats

Squats are a really effective way of toning legs and your calves and they will tighten up your core too. If you don’t already, build some squats into your daily workout routine and you will be able to feel and see the difference they make. When you do squats, keep your back straight and your arms out in front of you for the maximum effect.

3. Push-ups

You can’t beat the old fashioned push-ups for toning your core and building up your arm muscles, and you don’t need any special equipment or weights. Push-ups are far more of an all-round exercise than you might have thought. They will strengthen your chest muscles, shape your triceps and your shoulders, and they help to tone your entire core too. They’re also a great way to burn off some calories, so try to repeat as many times as you can.

4. Dips

Whether you use a chair, a table, your bed, or you do them on the flow, dips will tone your arms and strengthen your back really effectively. Just sit with your arms at your sides and then lower yourself down and pull yourself up again. If you want to try floor dips, sit with your knees bent and your arms behind you and then lift yourself off the floor.

5. Planks

Planks are not at all complicated, but they will firm up your abs, and strengthen your core and arms. Start by getting yourself down in the push-up position, then bend your elbows and hold your weight on your forearms. Suck in your tummy and hold yourself out straight for as long as you can. The trick to getting the most of planks is to keep your back as straight as possible.

6. Lunges

Lunges are another of those classic exercises that are so effective. They tone up your legs, tighten up your backside, and they work off a few calories too. The trick with lunges is to make sure that you keep your back straight, your chin up, and your eyes looking forward. You should be looking at doing twenty lunges on each leg, but, like all these exercises, start off with what you feel comfortable with and then work your way up.

7. Leg raises

Leg raises will give you major results on your abs fast. Lay flat on your back with your hands at your side and, if you can manage it, raise both legs, keeping straight, until they are pointing at the ceiling. Raising both legs at the same time is tough, so if you struggle with that, try raising one leg at a time and alternating between the two. Just remember to keep those legs straight.

8. Crunches

Crunches are the best exercise for flat abs, but be careful how you do them, or you could hurt your back or neck. Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and place your hands behind your head, but not clasped together. Tilt your chin forward and lift your neck and shoulders off the floor. Hold that position for a moment and then let yourself gently back down to the floor.

9. Kneeling leg lift

This is a great exercise for toning your rear and strengthening your hamstrings. Kneel on the floor with your hands flat on the ground. Lift one leg out behind you so that it makes an “L” shape. Lower your leg down again and repeat with the other leg. Repeat raising alternate legs as many times as you can. Your target for this exercise is 40 times for each leg.

10. Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are an effective, all-round body workout that will have a major impact on a range of different muscle groups and it’s especially good for the abs. Get yourself into the push-up position, with your arms extended. Lift one leg up and raise your knee up towards your chest, then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Then, continue alternating legs for as many repetitions as you can manage.

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