8 Amazing orange smoothie recipes

From the quick and easy, to the truly exotic, orange smoothies are a refreshing source of vitamin C and other essential nutrients, so here are ten orange based smoothie recipes for you to try. Just pop the ingredients into a blender and enjoy!

1. Orange Banana Smoothie 

This one’s good enough for breakfast. Just blend all the main ingredients together for about a minute and then, add and blend in the ice cubes, for a refreshing and filling breakfast treat.


2 peeled oranges

A cup of cold milk

A cup of vanilla yoghurt

1 peeled banana

1 tablespoon of honey or to taste

4 ice cubes

2. Tropical orange delight 

For a taste of paradise, straight from your blender, whiz together these ingredients and add ice as required:


3 Peeled kiwi fruits

1 Nectarine chopped

One cup of peeled and sliced mango fruit

1 cup of plain yoghurt

1 cup of orange juice

4 ice cubes

3. Sweet and simple orange crush

This is a quick and easy, cool and creamy, refreshing orange smoothie. Just mix these ingredients and enjoy:


Half cup of milk

Half a cup of orange juice

A tablespoon of honey

Ice cubes

4. Refreshing sunrise smoothie

This fresh fruit smoothie combines the flavours and goodness of the fruit with the refreshing flavour of orange juice and it won’t hit the waistline either.


Half cup of ice

2 Peeled and sliced nectarines or peaches

One cup of sliced honeydew melon

Half cup of orange juice

One peeled orange

A cup of vanilla yoghurt

(Add honey if required)

5. Orange snow 

The kids will love this one; it’s like drinking a cup of orange flavoured, slushy snow! This will make enough for four.


Half cup of milk

8 ounces of frozen orange juice

Half cup of coconut water

Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract

A tablespoon of honey

A cup of ice cubes

6. Sunshine on a rainy day

Like a burst of sunshine in a glass, this smoothie will cheer up even the most dismal of days.


One cup of orange juice

One peeled and chopped banana

One cup of coconut yoghurt

One peeled and chopped mango

Ice cubes

7. Strawberry and orange smoothie

Another simple smoothie, but this time combining the delicious flavors of strawberries and oranges with a touch of honey.


One banana

A cup of orange juice

1 tablespoon of honey

A cup of strawberries

Half a cup of raspberries

Ice as needed

8. Wake me up surprise

For a refreshing start to any day, this great smoothie is perfect for first thing in the morning, to wake you up, and get you moving.


A cup of orange juice

A cup of pineapple chunks

One banana

Half cup of strawberries

Ice as required

What are your favorite orange smoothie recipes?

Feel free to share healthy smoothie recipes in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful, happy and healthy!

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