7 Delicious healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss

You might want to lose weight, but there’s got to be something a bit tastier, than beans and lentils or a few green leaves. Delicious and easy to prepare, smoothies make a wonderful, filling snack that is filled with natural goodness, but without all the calories. All you need is a handful of fruit or berries, some low fat milk or yoghurt, throw it all in a blender and away you go. Add a bit of variety to your smoothie repertoire and try these seven delicious smoothie recipes that will help you lose weight:

1. Blueberry, raspberry and vanilla yoghurt

Take one cup of skimmed milk, 4 ounces of low fat vanilla yoghurt, add a cup of fresh blueberries and half a cup of raspberries, a handful of ice, and blitz it all in the blender. Pour into a glass and stir in some flax seed for some extra monounsaturated fat (that’s the good fats) and enjoy!

2. Almonds and orange

There are a heap of antioxidants and other healthy ingredients in this zesty orange and almond smoothie. To give your taste buds a treat, use one cup of low fat yoghurt, 2 tablespoons of almonds, one banana and blend with the juice of one lemon, half a cup of fresh orange juice a handful of ice and, to finish off the treat, add a little bit of honey. All the ingredients in this smoothie will not only taste great, but will also help to regulate your blood sugar and lower your cholesterol.

3. Pink treat

One of my favorite healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss is called ‘Pink treat’. Try a vitamin C leaden fruity treat with this pink fruit smoothie. Great for breakfast, you will need one pink grapefruit, half a pineapple, half a cup of fresh strawberries, half a cup of raspberries, 4 ounces of no-fat Greek yoghurt and a handful of ice. You can also add some honey for that extra touch of sweetness. Mix it all up in the blender for a beautiful, refreshing and vitamin C packed start to your day.

4. Swamp monster smoothie

It might not look as attractive, as the pink fruit smoothie, but this green monster of smoothie certainly packs in the vitamins and nutrients. The ingredients are simple and fresh, just a banana, a kiwi fruit, half a mango and two peaches; whiz away in the blender with some water or low fat milk and you’ll get a delicious, if slightly strangely colored, breakfast smoothie.

5. Don’t forget the veggies

Healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss list can’t be complete without mentioning a veggie smoothie. You can make any smoothie more like a balanced meal by adding some vegetables: carrots, cucumber, tomatoes or even spinach. Pretty much any raw vegetable can be added to smoothies to give you all the benefits of the extra minerals and vitamins without compromising on flavor.

6. The energy booster smoothie

Here’s one great way to mix your fruit and veg in a single energy boosting, low calorie smoothie. This one will promote the blood flow around your body, reduce your blood pressure and hydrate your system too. What you will need for this super starter for your day is 4 parts chopped pineapple, one cup of coconut water, some baby spinach (add as much as you want), one cup of blueberries, a banana and a little bit of ginger root. Blend in your blender, add ice if you want and, if you’ve made too much for one serving, it will freeze. So you can use the rest later in the week.

7. Simply peachy

For that wonderful peaches and cream flavor, but without the cream, just zap a cup of frozen peaches with a cup of skimmed milk, then stir in some flax seed. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best!

What are your favorite healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss? Feel free to share your healthy eating tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy and healthy!


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