Going to restaurant with your special someone can be a pleasant and romantic experience, but it also can be challenging for your figure. We love to eat tasty things, we love to spend quality time with our beloved dining in a beautiful and relaxing place…Today, let me share with you some tips on how to reduce your calorie intake while in a restaurant:

1) Drink water or snack before starting your meal.
Often, in restaurants, we drink wine or champagne. Alcohol stimulates the appetite, so be careful, be prepared! Drink a cup of tea or a glass of water before eating, or you can also snack on some nuts; All this will help you to cut down the appetite a little bit, so that you won’t overeat. By the way, one glass of wine has about 120 calories, therefore, my tip is: drink one glass of water between each glass of wine, this way you will consume less alcohol which is quite high in calories.

2) Don’t order big 4-5 course meal, pre-portion your food instead.
We always tend to eat everything that is in front of us. Avoid taking starter, then main course, then dessert…(I don’t even mention 5-course meals, forget about those if you desire to have beautiful figure!) Instead, while in a restaurant chose to take only one main course and split a dessert with your special someone. Like this you both will eat less and, still, will both enjoy tasty and sweet dessert!

3) While eating out, eat slowly and enjoy every bite.
Yes, eating slowly can really help us eat less calories, because the sense of fullness comes only in, at least, 20 minutes after we’ve started eating. Focusing on every bite (or eating consciously) has been shown to help cut down calorie intake.

4) When you feel full – it’s better to stop eating! Doggy bag it instead!
Most restaurants serve really large portions, thus, almost “pushing” you to overeat. Don’t be shy and ask the waiter to make you a doggie bag for home. Like this, not only you won’t feel guilty about overeating when you quit the restaurant, but also you will have the opportunity to enjoy a part of tasty meal at home.

5) You can take an appetizer, a  soup or a salad, as your main dish.
I’ve been to some restaurants where the size of an appetizer is way larger than I could handle. Therefore, if you are in a place where you notice the waiter serve really big portions – you can order appetizer, as a main dish, or appetizer plus soup or/and salad. Tasting various flavors will help you feel satisfied while eating less calories.

6) Don’t be shy, ask waiter about the ingredients.
Yes, asking a waiter about what your dish is made from can turn into a very “revealing” experience. Sometime, side dishes can have more calories than your main course, so, if you found out that the sauce of your chosen dish is made from butter or mayonnaise, probably, it’s more reasonable to chose something else.

Well, now you are fully armed with tips and tricks to eat in a restaurant with no harm for your figure.

What are your ways to reduce calorie intake while in restaurant? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful!


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