The question: “How to lose stomach fat?” – interests many… For men and women alike, losing belly fat is one of the most common fitness goals. People are always making resolutions to trim their figures and, along with it, get a toned stomach or perhaps a tummy tuck. Despite the value that people put on this goal, many of them fall short. This is not due to a lack of effort or motivation; it happens, rather, because of a flawed approach. In order to refine your fitness regimen, here is a list of 5 simple tips for trimming belly fat and reaching your fitness goals:

1) Interval Training

It’s a common fitness stereotype that doing sit-ups and crunches is the answer to having great abs and a flat stomach. While these types of exercises are great for building your abdominal muscles, they do little for reducing stomach fat. Overloading on crunches is simply building great abdominals that the world will never get to see.

Adding cardiovascular exercises into your routine is the key to reducing any fat that may be covering your stomach muscles. Running, Zumba and jumping rope are examples of exercises and activities that burn fat, while improving your endurance and cardiovascular health. A combination of abdominal exercises and cardio is the key to shedding unwanted fat from your mid-section.

2) Avoiding Sugar

A diet that includes a lot of sugar is detrimental to people looking to lose stomach fat. Soft drinks, sweets and other sugary drinks are all high calorie items that work against your efforts in the gym. Sugary diet results in increased blood sugar levels in your body and leads to excess fat calories being stored, rather than digested or burned.

3) Meal Planning

Not only does the food that you eat impact your fat storage and intake, the timing is important, as well. Eating very large, but rare meals and eating all in one sitting are habits that can lead to increased weight gain and result in fat storage.

In order to speed up you metabolism  — rather than slowing it down — drink a large glass of cold water right before eating your meal. Water will fill up your stomach, so that you won’t eat as much.

Prepare your meals beforehand and make sure you use healthy ceramic cookware. Non-stick pans made with Teflon could have negative effects on your health. Plan and, even, cook your meals beforehand, so that you’ll always have something healthy to eat or snack on, instead of having to rush to a fast food restaurant, when you’re in a crunch. Make sure to include plenty of healthy fruits and veggies into your diet, and don’t neglect the seeds and various natural forms of protein.

4) Get Proper Sleep

Getting enough sleep is an effective and, often, neglected method for halting weight gain and decreasing stomach fat. Certain studies revealed that lack of sleep could contribute to weight gain, an increase in cravings for fatty foods and other health-related issues. Consistency in getting a good night’s rest will help compliment your dietary and physical efforts for losing stomach fat.

5) Avoid skipping your meals and find time to relax.

If you skip meals, your body will start raising cortisol levels, which will only increase your appetite and lead to storing fat, especially in the stomach area.

FOX News’s article on stomach fat cited cortisol levels as one of the most influential factors in determining whether you are losing or gaining fat. When this hormone’s level is too high, it leads to weight gain and other health related issues. Excess cortisol is also said to cause fatigue and an imbalance in your eating habits. In other words, too much of this hormone can impact your efforts to lose weight on all fronts.

In order to keep your cortisol levels out of the picture, avoid skipping meals, find time to relax and consume enough vitamin C everyday. Foods such as oranges, broccoli and spinach are great sources of vitamin C with additional health benefits, as well. While vitamin C can help to reduce cortisol spikes, the most important thing is to reduce stress levels. The more time you can find to relax in your day, the better chance you have of controlling your cortisol levels and improving your fat loss efforts.

Quick note: If you’ve already tried different ways to get rid of stubborn stomach fat and you couldn’t achieve the result you desire? There is an alternative way to treat this problem – liposuction! One of the well known Australia’s cosmetic surgery specialists Dr. Daniel Lanzer, with over 20 years of experience, has successfully performed over 10 000 liposuction procedures, making thousands of people happier and more confident about their bodies.

I hope you found it useful. Feel free to share your own tips on how to lose stomach fat effectively in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful and healthy!

Author’s bio:

Alicia Lawrence is a freelance writer and in her free time enjoys exercising, reading and cooking healthy meals with her ceramic cookware.


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