Weight loss seems to be one of the most discussed topics in women’s magazines, even though the weight loss formula is very simple: consume fewer calories that you use. The number of calories burned in a day depends on various factors – activity level, age, gender and even your height. Our body constantly burns calories, but there are some activities that help to do it more intensely. Let’s talk about 10 outdoor fun things that will help you to burn about 300 calories:

1) If you walk for 60 minutes, enjoying the nature in the park or just walking your dog you will burn 300 calories.

2) When you play volleyball for 60 minutes you will burn the same amount of calories.

3) Playing tennis will help you to burn 300 calories quicker, you will need only 35 minutes of this activity.

4) Biking is a very intense way to lose weight, so you will need only 30 minutes of it to burn 300 calories.

5) Jumping rope is a wonderful friend of our figure. Do it for only 25 minutes and you will burn 300 calories.

6) Running is not only very therapeutic and pleasant, but also helps to lose weight quite intensely. Only 25 minutes of running and you can forget about 300 calories.

7) Lovers of golf can also enjoy benefits of this great sport. Play golf for 45 minutes and you will burn the same amount of calories as above.

8) Badminton. This is one of my favourite things to do when I’m outdoors. Only 55 minutes and 300 calories are gone!

9) Rollerblading for 35 minutes will help you to get rid of 300 calories.

10) And finally, if you just love playing with kids, this activity also can help you to get slimmer figure. Only 50 minutes of this fun can help you to burn 300 calories.

I hope you found it useful. Please, share your thoughts on which activity is your favourite and how you love to burn calories?

Stay beautiful!


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