Why you should not rush into a new relationship? 10 Good reasons

Do you find yourself jumping from one bad relationship to the next? Well, that’s probably a sign that you are taking things a bit too fast and rushing into new relationships without really thinking about it. Most people aspire to being in a steady relationship, or being married, but being single for a while won’t hurt you. Here are ten very good reasons why you should take your time, before you rush into a new relationship:

1. You need time to heal

Even it was a really bad relationship, you will need time to get over it. You can’t simply erase someone that you have been close to from your mind. You must have had some feelings for them, at some time, so give yourself a break, before you move on to someone new.

2. You have plenty of time

Despite what some people say, human beings don’t have a ‘best by’ date attached to them. People can fall in love at any age, so don’t rush things, the right person will come along eventually.

3. You might be doing it to prove a point

You might be angry and you may well want to prove that you don’t need your ex, but you can do that, just as well, by being single for a while. Don’t rush into a new relationship, just to prove that you can, that is not the way that something great starts.

4. You might be just scared of being alone

Some people are so scared of being alone that they will jump into a relationship, for that reason alone. This is just using the other person and playing with their emotions and it won’t make you happy in the long run either.

5. He might be taking advantage of you

Don’t forget that not everyone is always what they appear to be. If you have just come out of one relationship, you might well be vulnerable, so if someone who seems to be too good to be true has come along at ‘just the right time’, make sure that they are not taking advantage of you.

6. You might be doing it, because you are bored

When you first come out of a relationship, you will find yourself with time on your hands. Don’t let this be the reason that you jump straight back into a new one. If you need some company, then go out with friends or family instead.

7. You might just be craving some physical comfort

Just because someone is there, when you need a cuddle or some comforting, doesn’t mean that they will make an ideal partner. Friends may well offer you a shoulder to cry on, but don’t mistake that for anything more than it is.

8. You are being influenced by others

Your family and friends are keen to see you happy and they might try and convince you to get back to dating, before you are really ready. Don’t date, just to please them, because that won’t make you happy either.

9. Because you don’t have to prove anything

Don’t rush out and find the first man that you can. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, so give it some time, and choose the right one.

10. Because you are worth the wait

You owe it yourself to make sure that you are happy. Rushing into a new relationship too soon is never a good idea, because of the reasons that we have mentioned. Most of all though, you are special, and you deserve to be happy. Anyone who is worth dating will know this and they will wait until you are ready, so don’t be rushed.

Stay happy!


  1. Lilith
    October 28, 2017 at 6:02 am

    How to properly rush into a relationship

    You want to know how to properly rush into a relationship? You know, because the people who write these articles never consider what’s past the norm or your own nose.

    1. Know exactly what you want, and do not I repeat do NOT settle for anything less. Red flag on the first date? Run. Does he or she have a pet pieve that you can’t control? Time to hit the road. Just because you jump in, doesn’t mean you can’t jump out. Just have enough insight to not jump in bed with a serial killer or rapist. (The registry… it exists. Use it, and your intuition for god sake!) So as long as you know who you’re looking for and aren’t A. Dumb. B. Someone who has no intuition what so ever. C. A door mat. Seriously? You’re fine.

    2. Make sure to add (knows what they want..) on your list of wants and needs. If the person seems wishy washy, or like a people pleaser willing to say anything to get into your pants, the answer is no. If they are assertive and have boundaries, clearly stating their wants and needs, dos and definite donts, etc. Then yes. Absolutely yes. Then all it comes down to is seeing if those needs match your own. Also, wear protection until the both of you get checked and come out clean. No passing nasty diseases now.

    There’s nothing wrong with jumping into a relationship you’re sure of if the other person is down for that too. I’m sick of the public and my own family giving me hell about it, even though I’m happy and they like him!

    Just don’t sleep with the first guy or gal you meet, wear that rubber, and be okay with being single for long periods of time, if that’s what it takes for you to find that special non-douchey someone!
    I had to sift through a lot of assh**s to find someone who needed me as much as I needed them, but hey, it worked, and it worked because I wasn’t dumb or desperate. I just happen to have a faster pace than some people in most of my relationships (including friendships.)
    And before some annoying naysayer asks: “Hey, why are you reading this article if you don’t agree with the content!? Go somewhere else! Blah blah blah, opposing opinions make me uncomfortable!”
    First off, yes it’s not a good idea for every one, but guess what? It’s also not a BAD idea for everyone, but look at what we have here! A big fat stigma stamped on the idea of a relationship that’s more quickly paced than the norm. (So basically your average 5K snail race)
    Secondly, I don’t see any information laid out on how to properly rush into a relationship if that’s what you so choose and you don’t like trial and error the slow way. Some people don’t fit the norm in relationships.
    I sure as hell dont.
    I’m commenting on this page to prove a point to those reading who might be turning to articles like this because they believe that how they feel is wrong or bad. They want to fit in, and they believe that THIS is the only way they can find decent men or women, when that’s not necessarily true. I hope someone finds this helpful and or enlightening!
    Have a wonderful day!
    (The woman in a happily rushed long term relationship!)

    Still not convinced? READ ON!

    My response to 1. If you find the right person, that can be very healing. I’m just saying.

    My response to 2. Fair.

    My response to 3. True, not a good reason to rush into things at all.

    My response to 4. Also not a good reason. (Example of a good reason: I want someone who shares my NATURAL pace in relationships. Example of a bad reason: Number 3. Hands down Number 3. Well chosen)

    My response to 5. Yeah, but still keep in mind that like I said, you can jump out as fast as you jump in. Just make sure you have enough insight to not sleep with a rapist or a serial killer. If you have no Internet access or friends with access (REGISTRY!) OR your intuition is known to be off, then this path is probably not for you.

    My response to 6. Find a f*** buddy.

    My response to 7. Find a f*** buddy.

    My response to 8. Don’t, by all means rush into the WRONG relationship for the wrong reasons. Sift through the assh**s and USE YOUR BRAIN. BE ASSERTIVE. If you can’t do that? Yes, you need more time… To work on YOU. Because sometimes the phrase “It’s not me, it’s you” applies to YOU.
    Hey, don’t feel bad. I’ve been the assh**e once too.

    My response to 9. 9 is 3. *Squak! Polly wanna PAROT!*

    My response to 10. Really? Okay, so first off thanks for the grand finnale! I’m going to have fun picking this one apart!
    Second I must say that this is all based off of your social conditioning and is a complete sack of garbage reason.

    Here’s why:

    • Some people really don’t work at your pace and people need to accept that.

    • This is grounds for game playing. If you’re worth the wait because anyone worth dating would see that, (making such a bold statement, I sincerely hope you are worth the wait.) Then this person who is patiently waiting is worth your time, attention, and empathy.
    Don’t mark someone off as an assh**e because you took too long for their specific pace and they found someone who better matched them. That’s sh**ty.

    • “You owe it to yourself to make sure you are happy…” So I’m NOT happy? You know, I would much rather seek someone out who is man or woman enough to state their needs upfront, rather than pulling metaphorical teeth while playing societies stupid dating game.

    Oh, believe me it’s stupid.

    • Beauty And Tips
      October 28, 2017 at 10:26 pm

      Thank you for sharing your honest opinion, Lilith, we appreciate this.

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