What women want in a man? 9 hints

What do you want from a man? A man who is attentive, yet leaves you alone? A man who is strong, yet is neither afraid of his own emotions, nor ashamed to cry? A man who will protect you, yet allow you to stand on your own two feet? A man who will understand your feelings and not need you to give him any clues as to how you’re feeling?

They say that men find it rather difficult to understand women and know what ladies really want, but it’s not really that difficult, they’ve just got to work on it a little! To help them out a little we provide here nine small hints for guys about what women want in a man:

1. What women want in a man? Respect

Perhaps it’s down to generations of men having been brought up in a world where the ‘little lady’ stays at home and keeps the house, but many men do still secretly assume that they always know best. Guys, wake up and smell the coffee, this is the twenty first century! Mutual trust and respect is the order of the day now and a modern relationship really is a partnership, not an employee-employer situation.

2. What women want in a man? Be protective

Some men might think that this is a contradiction of our first hint, but it’s not. A woman wants to be independent and respected for who she is but, in the end analysis, she also wants to know that her man can and will protect her in times of need. This one’s not difficult either guys. You’d stick for a buddy in a bar and still respect him the next day, so where’s the difference? You stick up for your girl because you love her, not because she’s weak and defenseless.

3. What women want in a man? Look after yourself

Don’t let yourself go guys, just because you’ve found the woman of your dreams. You can’t expect a girl to look like a superstar attending a movie premier every day, if you walk around looking like a slob! It just comes back to that mutual respect.

4. What women want in a man? Treat a girl like a lady

Equal she is, but a beer drinking buddy, she’s not, so don’t forget that chivalry is not entirely dead. It doesn’t need to be dueling pistols at dawn to protect a lady’s honor any more, but just remember that even the most independent of women still want to be treated like a lady.

5. What women want in a man? Be someone that she can be proud of

A man doesn’t have to be a billionaire business mogul, nor does he need to be a muscle bound prize fighter, but a woman wants to be proud of her man’s achievements and be able to show off a little about him to her friends.

6. What women want in a man? Ambitions and dreams

Women want a man who has ambition, not one who sits on the couch moaning how bad his luck is. Even if the ambition is not to win the race, but just not to fall over at the first hurdle, it’s a start and it’s far better than just being a life spectator!

7. What women want in a man? Trust and dependability

We all need some stability in our lives and we can’t have that with a man that we can neither trust, nor rely on. We can all make mistakes from time to time, but a man who fixes the shelf that he said he’s going to fix and who we know is out with his friends, when he says he’s out with his friends is a man whom a woman can love.

8. What women want in a man? Passion

Yes, passion in bed is good! But it doesn’t end there. Be it passion for a belief or a good cause, passion for a hobby, a passion for making money or passion for sport, the ability to get fired up and determined about something is a very attractive trait in a man.

9. What women want in a man? Love

At the end of a long hard day of ambition, passion, strength and all the rest of it, a woman wants to know that she’s loved. Just a simple ‘thank you’ here and a tender kiss or embrace there is all takes.

What other things on your opinion do women want in a man? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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