What To Get Your Husband For His Birthday?

Although you love him, deciding what to get your husband for his birthday is not always easy. After all, what do you get the man who has everything (you)?!

Especially if money is tight this year, choosing a gift won’t exactly be easy. Perhaps he likes video games, but where do you even start with video games? Zombie Killers 88?!

If you’re a little bit unsure about what to get him this time around, let’s take a look at our top 10 gift ideas for your boo.

Write Him A Letter

Who said that gifts have to be extravagant and expensive? When faced with either a love letter from his wife or a new video game for his PlayStation, we’re certain your husband would choose the letter every time.

Particularly if you haven’t opened your heart to him for a long time, writing him a love letter gives you the chance to tell him how much you love him. Waking up in the morning to a romantic missive from his one and only will be the very best thing to brighten up his day and remind him that he’s getting older with the best person in the world by his side.

A Romantic Holiday

This is an awesome birthday idea that both of you can actually enjoy. The only downside is that you’re paying!

Even if money is tight, you can still book a really expensive birthday getaway for just one night. Plan to go somewhere private and idyllic where you can show your appreciation and love for one another.

Try to not book somewhere really far away that requires a lengthy car journey, but instead opt for something nearby so that you can get there quickly, unpack your bags and enjoy some time quality time together before topping it all off with a sunset.

Bake Something

Let’s say that money happens to be really tight this year and you don’t plan on splashing out too much. Of course, you still want to get your man something and you want it to be special. So, how about you bake him something?

They say, after all, that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Not only could you bake his favourite cake or cookies, but you could also cook him breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening, too.

Sure, you might be a little bit tired after all that but it’s worth it for your special someone!

Buy Him Tickets To The Sports Game

If your husband is into sports, there will no doubt be a sports game sometime around his birthday, even if the dates don’t exactly match. Whether he’s into baseball, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, rugby or cricket, there will be something going on that weekend. So, why not surprise him by purchasing two tickets to see his favourite team in action?

Even if you don’t like sports and think it’s all a waste of time, go along with him and enjoy it. Cheer on the team, buy a programme and show your support.

Alternatively, if you really don’t wan to go along, why not buy a ticket your husband and one of his friends?

Repair One Of His Beloved Things

All husband’s have got something in the house that they cherish but which has fallen apart. It could be an old, torn jacket from their youth, or it could be a spoiled photograph. Whatever it is, you’ve no doubt begged them to throw it away numerous times in the past but they refuse because they’ve got some attachment to it.

But so far they’ve been too lazy to go and get the darn thing mended. Your husband’s birthday is your chance to do this for him. Take one of his beloved but worn-down objects and go and get it repaired. He’ll love you forever!

Go Out For Dinner At An Expensive Restaurant

Especially if your husband has to work on his birthday, he’s going to be pretty tired and stressed when he returns home in the evening. So why not surprise him with an evening dinner at an expensive restaurant?

This way, you still get to reach his heart through his stomach, but you don’t need to do all the cooking and cleaning yourself. And if his preference is a steak house, take your selves to the best steak house in town!

Buy Him Lunch At Work

If he is working on his birthday, why not surprise him at work by stopping by on his lunch break with his favourite food?

Whatever he prefers, make him it during the morning before heading over to his office. This will be the perfect birthday treat and surprise that will perk him up and remind him that you’re really and truly in love with him and that he’s got the best woman in the world.

Get Him A Perfect Hobby Gift

Like all guys, your husband will have a hobby. Maybe he enjoys video games, playing guitar, golf or perhaps he enjoys something more niche such as bee keeping. Whatever he enjoys, there will be something that he still needs to make his hobby even more enjoyable.

Maybe he needs a new guitar amplifier or a new control pad for his PlayStation. If so, why not get him something that helps him enhance his enjoyment?

The First Kiss

Okay, so you’re not actually buying him something here, but by taking him to the spot where you had your first kiss, you are reigniting the flames of your relationship and showing him how much he means to you.

You could pretend you’re just going for a walk, before carefully leading him to the spot where you had that very first embrace. Then, take hold of him, wrap your arms around him – and kiss him!

Let Him Have It Their Way

Finally, if money is super SUPER tight and you’ve run right out of ideas for something to get him, why not just let him spend the entire day however he wants?

Maybe he wants to have some buddies over for some beers and cigars, or maybe he wants to go out on a road trip with you. Whatever he wants to do, let him have it his way.

Stay happy!

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