What to get a guy for his birthday? 10 Hints and ideas

OK, here we go again! What to get him for his birthday this time?! There’s no doubt that when it comes to choosing gifts, guys are always more difficult, than girls to buy for. Doesn’t matter whether it’s your dad, your brother or your boyfriend, it’s still a tough task. There is no easy answer to this dilemma, because all guys are different, so here’s a selection of gifts that a guy might like:

1. What to buy a man for his birthday? Buy him an experience

There are loads of companies now offering gift certificates for experiences, like hot air ballooning, helicopter flying, white water rafting and other such manly pastimes. They’re not as expensive as you might think, so check it out on the internet, and he can arrange when he wants to go, so there is no need to organize anything yourself.

2. Get him a slightly less energetic experience!

Not all the experiences that you can buy vouchers for are tailored to the needs of an adrenaline junky. If the guy you are shopping for would prefer a more sedate day out, then you can also get things like a man’s spa day, gourmet dining or wine tasting experience.

3. A selection of imported beers

Another idea on what to get a guy for his birthday is a sophisticated selection of imported beers. Not all men are beer monsters, but many do enjoy a tipple. You can buy some really interesting beer gift sets that contain a selection of unusual, imported beers, some savory snacks to go with them and often an explanation of how and where the different beers are made.

4. A box set of graphic novels

You’ll be surprised at how many guys are, were or wish they still were into comic books. So another idea on how to surprise your man or what to get a guy for his birthday is – buy him a box set of graphic novels. They are not about to go down the local comic book store and browse with the nerds, but if you buy them in some graphic novels store, than these are books, not comics!

5. Magazine subscription

Here’s another tip on what to get a guy for his birthday, that you can tailor precisely to the man in question, a magazine subscription. You can choose the publication to fit the guy and you can usually select the length of subscription; one year, six months or three months, to suite your budget.

6. Video camera sunglasses

Another fun idea for a great gift for the Mr. Gadget in your life is: how about a pair of sunglasses with a built in video camera? You can now get sunglasses that have a fully operational video camera built into the frames. Not quite sure about the practical uses for this, but it’ll keep him busy!

7. A personalized mug

If you are still not quite sure on what to get a guy for his birthday – you can just go for a classic idea – get him a personalized mug. You can get pretty much anything personalized now and a mug is always a safe and inexpensive gift. It just shows a bit more effort and thought, than buying something straight from the store shelf and it will mean more to him; he will always think of you every time he drinks his morning coffee.

8. A romantic dinner for two (But not for you!)

This is a no brainer if it’s for your boyfriend or husband, but how about for another guy in your life? Perhaps your mother and father has not been out to dinner for a while, so book a table for both of them at a restaurant for his birthday, and give them both a treat.

9. Food hamper

Buy a hamper brimming full of his favorite foods and drinks. You can buy them for all different tastes with sections of cheeses, wines, beers, snacks and pretty much anything you can think of.

10. A sports gift basket

If the guy you are buying a gift for is a sports fan, then find out which his favorite team is and check online at their website. You can buy gift sets or baskets for most teams and different types of sports, and he’ll just love it.

Gift ideas for boyfriend birthday or for your dad’s or brother’s birthday are pretty countless, just use your imagination and keep in mind their preferences.

What to get guys for their birthday? Do you have some other tips and ideas? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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