10 Tips on how to cope when your crush doesn’t feel the same

What to do when your crush doesn’t like you? When you fall for someone, and they just don’t feel the same way about you, it can be devastating and very embarrassing too. Don’t be too embarrassed though, because it has happened to the best of us. If this has happened to you, then it’s time to stop thinking about what could have been, and begin the process of accepting that that it just wasn’t meant to be. Read these ten tips that we hope will help you cope better, when you find out that your crush doesn’t feel the same way as you do.

1. Don’t stalk them on social media

You are not going to do yourself any favours by visiting their Facebook page over and over again. There is no point in adding to your to your pain that way, so delete them off all social media. You have far more productive things that you could be doing with your time.

2. Make a list of what would have annoyed you about your crush

No one is perfect, not even your crush. Sit down and make a list of all the reasons why it will be good not to be with that person and include all the things that might have been annoying about them.

3. Try and accept the fact

Another tip on what to do when your crush doesn’t like you is to try and accept the fact. You do need to try and accept that a relationship with this guy is not on the cards right now. Let go of any thoughts of trying again, because you have it for a fact now that he doesn’t feel the same way. The sooner you let it go, the sooner you will be able to move on to something better.

4. Talk about it

Don’t think that you have been silly about this; everyone gets a crush on someone, once in a while. So our next tip on what to do when your crush doesn’t like you is to try talking to some close friends and explain to them how you feel, and they will help you with support and advice. It will do you good to find that you are not at all alone in this experience.

5. Get busy

While you have been thinking about your crush, you have probably spent less time on your hobbies and with friends. Put all your energy into your work and your pastimes, and that will help you keep your mind off things.

6. Don’t let it affect your self-confidence

Don’t start thinking that there is something wrong with you, just because your crush didn’t feel the same way as you did. There are many, many reasons why two people are not compatible or can’t be together, and this has nothing to do with there being anything ‘wrong’ with you.

7. Start dating again

Another great tip on what to do when your crush doesn’t like you is to get out there and start dating again. You don’t have to make any promises or get too serious, but dating will restore your self-esteem and confidence. You will soon find that there are plenty more guys out in the world that will appreciate you and, you never know, you might even find one that is even better than your crush!

8. Treat yourself to something nice

What to do when your crush doesn’t like you? Go on, spoil yourself for a while. Try a little retail therapy and update your wardrobe, or treat yourself to a relaxing day of pampering at a spa. This is an upsetting setback, not the end of the world, so cheer yourself up with a few treats.

9. Stay away from your crush

You need to get this guy out of your head, so the best thing to do is to avoid being around him. This can be tricky if you work together, but you can change your routine a bit by perhaps taking lunch at a different time, or going for coffee somewhere different. A change in routine will help you stop bumping into him, and a change of scenery will help you forget him too.

10. Deal with your emotions

You have to come to terms with this and accept what has happened. What you are feeling is perfectly natural, so accept those feelings and move on. It won’t be long before you have a crush on someone else, or meet someone new and, this time, things could work out differently!

What to do when your crush doesn’t like you? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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