What to do if you run into your ex? 10 Tips

Whoops, that was awkward! You might get on perfectly well with your ex, or you might not, but whatever the circumstances of your breaking up, it can still be a very awkward and embarrassing moment when you run into your ex. It’s especially awkward if you are both with your respective new partners too. Everyone will be weighing each other up and not know quite what to say, or even how to make the introductions. It’s an odd feeling, meeting someone that you used to be very close to, out of the blue, so read these ten tips on how to make it easier, when you do run into your ex.

1. Don’t hide

This moment can be awkward and embarrassing, but don’t try and hide, or run away. It’s better to be the one who makes the first move, and say hello. If you are with your new partner, then hiding from him will only raise more questions. It’s better to be nonchalant about the situation and to show your new partner that your ex doesn’t mean anything at all to you anymore.

2. Be polite, but brief

Stay calm and keep the conversion matter of fact and brief. There are a million reasons why you don’t want to get into a long conversation with your ex, not least because your new partner won’t be too keen standing there listening to it. On the other hand, just grunting and walking away, would make you appear childish and rude.

3. Don’t start a fight!

If you start a public argument, you really are going to feel like a fool later. You’ve probably already said all that needed to be said and, what happened in the past is all water under the bridge now. Just stay calm, keep your dignity, and talk to him in the same way you would talk to any other acquaintance that you might have bumped into.

4. Don’t apologise for what happened

Unless you really feel the need to apologise for something awful that you did, then don’t! Telling him that you are sorry that things didn’t work out is as good as saying, let’s give it another try. Unless you really do want reconciliation, apologies should be completely out of bounds.

5. Don’t give the other girl the evil eye

You might well think the new girl on his arm looks like the back of a bus, but don’t let your disdain for her show on your face. If you show your dislike for the new woman in his life, or you say something nasty to her, you will make it look like you still care about your ex. Adopt an attitude of ‘couldn’t care less’ and you won’t open up old wounds, or give out the wrong impression.

6. Don’t try to make your ex jealous

Don’t try and tell all about how wonderful your new man is and how happy you are, or fall over your new guy, just to make your ex jealous. That would look silly and childish too, and it will make your new partner think that he is just being used.

7. Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit sad

Don’t be surprised, if an encounter with your ex leaves you feeling a little sad and it makes you reminisce for a while. If you spent any length of time with your ex, then you will have some good memories of those days and there is nothing wrong with remembering them. Go home and have a little cry if you want to, but then put those memories back where they belong; at the back of your mind.

8. Don’t jump straight back into a relationship with your ex

If you do still have feelings for your ex, then avoid the temptation to let a chance encounter turn into an instant reconciliation. Don’t agree to meet up again for a date, there and then, give yourself some time to think things through properly. You need to consider carefully the reasons why you broke up the first time and be 100% convinced that things would really be different, if you were to try again.

9. Keep your distance

It can also be tempting to have a kiss and cuddle with your ex, just for old time’s sake, but this could be a big mistake. It will bring back memories of the past and it could fool you into thinking that you still have deep emotions for the guy, when really, all it is, is a brief moment of sadness over the loss of what you both once had.

10. Don’t hang around too long

Don’t hang around waiting for something to happen, just be polite, stay calm and then move on. If you hang around for too long it could get even more awkward than it needs to be, and you could get yourself into something that it’s difficult to get out of again.

What do you do if you run into your ex? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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