Want to become the perfect woman for him? In this article, we take a look at how to become a woman of your man’s dreams.

All guys have a picture of their ideal, dream woman. But do you know what it is? Knowing what a man wants helps you to give him what he wants. Not only is this incredibly attractive to him, but it also increases the chances of you two staying together. Believe it or not, men are simple creatures who want simple things. They don’t like to complicate their lives, and this is true of every aspect of their lives, from sports to work to their weekends – to their friends. Put simply, if you are what a man wants you to be, there is no reason why you can’t have everything you want in your relationship. Here is what men like in women and how to become the woman of your man’s dreams.

Be Independent

Men don’t want to meet a woman who needs a relationship before she does anything with her life. They don’t want a woman who needs a man to motivate her, to “save” her. They want women who can stand up on their own two feet, who have a life outside their relationship, and who have ambition, goals and drive. The last thing a man needs is a woman who has her whole life tied up in her relationship. If her man isn’t going out this weekend, neither is she. If her man is busy and can’t see her today, she’s going to spend the whole day being sad on the sofa watching Netflix. A man appreciates women who have stuff going on besides them. It shows ambition and independence – and that’s really attractive.

Be Playful

Guys like to make jokes. Some guys like to make jokes about everything. And while they know that there is a time to get serious, what they don’t find attractive is a woman who can’t take a joke about anything. If you get easily offended and have to take everything so seriously, you’ll find it hard to be the man of his dreams. Lighten up. Be playful. Be spontaneous. Fool around with him. Laughter is still the best medicine, and guys love women who can laugh at themselves and the world.

Be Positive

What men like in women? Positive mental attitude. Nobody likes a negative person who never has anything good to say about anyone. No one likes bad vibes, an “I can’t do this, I suck” attitude. And men certainly don’t picture their dream women as having a negative attitude towards life. Guys want women who are positive and enthusiastic, not just about themselves but about life itself. They want ladies who emit good vibes with positive energy, who smile and who only see the good things. To be the woman of his dreams, you must eliminate all negative vibes and focus on being an optimist.

Be Confident

It’s not easy being confident when you’re not a naturally confident person. But to be the woman of his dreams, you need to work on your confidence. Men don’t want to “rescue” women who have no self-esteem. They know where that can take them. They want to meet women who are sure of themselves, their destiny and their place in the world. Confidence tells a man that you won’t put up with just anything. You’re aware of your purpose, and you’re ready to give him what he wants. Men find that irresistible.

Be Feminine

This is one of the most important things of what men like in women. It goes without saying that guys want women to be feminine. The warmer, kinder, gentler and compassionate you are, the more he’ll fall in love with you. A guy knows he can be a jerk from time to time. But it’s his job to be a man and to do the “man” stuff. What does he want from you? He wants you to be a proper lady-like woman. He wants you to be loving and caring, and to act as the yin to his yang.

Be Supportive

Men have dreams. They have goals and ambitions. Sometimes, they have dreams that might seem too big to be reached. But you know what? They need you to be there to encourage and support them at all times. Men find it incredibly attractive when you’re the one fighting their corner for them, cheering them on an supporting them when no one else is. Be like the boxers wife who supports her fighter partner relentlessly from the stands. Your belief is super important to your man. If you want to be the woman of his dreams, be the one who’s encouragement is a constant. Don’t doubt him, don’t tell him he can’t do it – tell him you believe in him, no matter what, and that he can do anything he puts his mind to.

Be Appreciative

Believe it or not, men like to be appreciated. If they do something nice for you, they like to receive your acknowledgement. A simple “thank you” can suffice, but you could go the extra mile and let them know you really appreciated what they just did for you. Either way, their generosity can’t go unnoticed. When he does something nice, put in a bit of effort to show him that you recognise the effort, and that you appreciate it.

Use Your Brains

Okay, there is no denying that guys have a bit of an ego, and that they don’t like it too much when a woman is even smarter than they are. But they do appreciate smartness in a woman. If you’ve got brains, you need to flaunt them if you’re to become the woman of his dreams. Men like good conversation. They like to be stimulated. They might be from Mars, but guys are always thinking of stuff, and they want you to be able to keep up with them. A guy dating a vacuous woman who has nothing to add to his life won’t last long with him. He needs intelligence if he’s to stay with you.

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