10 Qualities Of Highly Attractive Women

What are the qualities of highly attractive women? What makes them so achingly desirable? In this article, Beauty and Tips finds out.

If you’ve never thought about this before, you might be surprised to learn what men find most attractive in women – and it has nothing to do with their looks.

As it turns out, men aren’t as obsessed with how a woman looks as we thought they were (I know, shock, horror!).

In fact, men are more turned on by a woman’s qualities, such as kindness and empathy. These are the things that really ramp up their desire.

Any reason for this? Well, men are aware – just as women are – that beauty alone isn’t enough to keep a relationship going strong. If we’re to see ourselves with someone for years to come, they must possess the qualities and values we look for.

So what men find attractive? Let’s take a look at 10 qualities of highly attractive women.

Sense Of Humour

A guy won’t be convinced he’s the made the right choice until a woman laughs at his jokes.

In fact, he won’t be convinced he’s made the right choice until a woman shows that she is able to laugh at herself.

This is very important. If a woman can’t laugh at herself, if she hasn’t got a sense of humour, the guy won’t see a relationship. He might see a fling, but that’s it.

Guys love to laugh. They need to laugh.

More than that, guys love to make us, ladies, laugh.

If you’ve got a sense of humour and think he’s the funniest guy in the world, you’ve already cracked 90% of the Man Code.


What men find attractive? Confidence! It doesn’t go down too well with guys when a woman has to keep seeking reassurance from them.

“You’re promise you’re not just saying that? Really? Pinkie swear?”

At first, it’s cute.

After a while, it’s annoying.

Confidence means there are times when you’ll take control. And guys like that.

You’re Not So Easy To Crack

A lot of guys – not all, we must stipulate – see life as a competition. Come on, they love sports and video games. To them, everything is a competition.

Including chasing you.

See, it doesn’t always bother a guy if he knows there is someone else who’s interested in you. That just makes the chase more interesting. He thrives on having a rival. In fact, the more competition there is, the better!

Guys have a competitive spirit, and if he can win your heart, he’s going to feel pretty chuffed.

But he doesn’t want you to just roll over and fall in love with him straight away.

You’re Smart

Another answer to the question of what men find attractive is obviously intelligence. Guys like fiercely smart women who can think for themselves.

Sure, guys love to teach us about stuff, and they like to be the smarter ones who know how to get us both out of jams. But they want women to be on their level.

Guys might goof around a lot, get drunk and invade sports pitches with their buddies, but when it comes down to it, they love a deep conversation that stimulate their mind.

Intelligence is hugely attractive. If you’ve got, flaunt it!

But don’t ever say to a guy, “you’re a smart guy, I can’t believe you love sports so much.”

He can totally do both.


This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you. Everyone likes honesty, right?

But it’s worth pointing out that guys love it when you’re honest with everyone and in all aspects of your life. It’s an attractive quality. You’re honest to him, to your friends, and you’re honest and up front about your taxes and everything else in your life.

Guys love that. They love directness, and an honesty so strong that it shows you’re prepared to accept the consequences for your actions.

You Care About Your Health But Not Obsessively

Being healthy is a supremely attractive quality.

If you’re in shape, eat well, have colour in your cheeks, and have glowing skin and vibrant hair, a guy is instantly going to find you appealing.

It’s just natural, because a healthy, radiant glow suggests that you know how to look after yourself. It also suggests that you’re a smart person who is in tip-top mental health, too.

On the flipside, being a total health fanatic is not so attractive. If you spend more time squatting than him, and if you literally can’t stop talking about your diet and your clean eating, it’s going to bug him pretty fast.


Kindness obviously deserves a place in the list of what men find attractive. Science hasn’t backed us up with why guys love kindness, but we don’t think it takes a genius to work it out.

Why does anyone warm to kind people?

Kindness is a hugely attractive quality. Guys appreciate your small acts of kindness, to them and to total strangers. It reveals your gentle, tender and caring side, and guys need that. They might not need it from their football buddies, but they need it from you.

You’re Ambitious

If your only goal is to settle down with him curl up on the sofa nestled in his arms each night, it’s not going to impress him.

Sure, he wants to cuddle with you. But he also wants you to have goals and ambitions that don’t always involve him.

Men like women who are driven and who know what the want out of life.


Guys don’t always like to rush, and they’ll appreciate it if you can show some patience.

You’re Down To Earth

We know that some women like to flaunt the fact that they’re high maintenance. But you know what? It’s just not all that appealing to guys.

Guys like women who are down to earth and not so demanding. A lot of guys are simple lumps who want an easy life. They don’t want to have to walk around eggshells with you, out of fear that one misplaced word could set you off.

Being down to earth is a really attractive quality. Guys make mistakes all the time. If you can chill, and forgive and forget easily, then great!

What are your thoughts on what men find attractive?

Stay happy!

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