What men find attractive in women?

Men are far more complex creatures than you might give them credit for and, while there is no doubt that they will take a look at a passing girl with long legs and big cleavage, what really attracts them to a woman goes a lot deeper than that. A lot of what attracts one sex to the other is genetically coded into our brains. A woman will be looking for a provider and a protector, for example, while a man will be looking for a woman who can bear his children. These things do still influence our choices of partners to some degree, but we have moved on a bit! Here are ten of the things that modern man will always find attractive in a woman.

1. A pretty smile

Most guys are suckers for a sweet smile and a girl who knows how to laugh will definitely get some attention. If a girl looks moody and is being mean to everyone around her, then men will be quite intimidated by this and they won’t want to approach her. Whatever dress size you happen to be, or however good your hair looks like, a pretty smile will always get the attention of the men.

2. Confidence

A bit of understated self-confidence is something that men appreciate. If a woman can hold her own in a conversation, knows her own mind, and walks and talks with confidence, it tells a man that she won’t be the type of girl that needs constant attention and one that will be needy. Don’t overdo it, though, because most men will still want to feel that they are needed and can, at least sometimes, play the role of the protector.

3. Mystery

Men are very inquisitive and they love a bit of a challenge, so a woman who holds a bit of mystery will always get their interest. That’s why it’s always best to play it cool with men, and don’t give away all your secrets in one go. Make a man work for the answers to his questions, and keep some surprises in store for him. A little bit of intrigue will always have a man coming back to find out more.

4. A feminine voice

Men love to hear the voice of a woman; it’s almost like music to their ears. Each guy is different, though, some like a low, husky voice, and others prefer a lighter song like voice. What is for sure is that most men don’t like a loud, abrasive voice, so keep your voice down when you meet a man you really like. Research has shown that people actually modify their voice when they meet someone they are interested in. Men tend to lower the pitch of their voice and women raise the pitch and talk more quietly.

5. Kindness

Kindness is definitely one of the most important things in our list of what men find attractive in women. A woman’s kind and gentle nature is something that all men find attractive and admire. This is probably one of these genetically encoded things, as it shows that a woman would be good with kids. Then again, it could just be that a man is looking for a girl who will mop his brow and bring him soup when gets a bad case of the man-flu!

6. Clothes that make his imagination run wild

Most guys don’t actually like a girl who shows her all in public, but clothes that show just enough to get his imagination running wild will definitely get his interest. It’s that mystery thing that men love so much again. A glimpse of midriff or a subtle flash of thigh is guaranteed to get a guy’s pulse racing and his imagination working overtime.

7. The eyes

Next to the smile, a girl’s eyes are the facial feature that men will find attractive and that’s why eye makeup can be so important. Make the most of your eyes by keeping your eye makeup looking natural and making sure that your eyebrows are kept neat and symmetrical. You don’t want anything detracting from the natural beauty of your eyes, because men just love gazing into a beautiful pair of eyes.

8. Intelligence

Guys are not intimated by a girl with some brains, quite the opposite actually. Most men find intelligence an attractive trait in a woman and they enjoy being able to have a good debate with someone. A girl certainly shouldn’t feel the need to dumb herself down for a man, just don’t walk all over them with your encyclopaedic knowledge, though, and never try to make them feel small.

9. Energy

Men love a woman’s energy and her love of life. They find attractive the way that a girl can get excited over things and the way that they can show their emotions so easily. A girl, who has an adventurous streak, a sense of fun, and the energy to match it, is really appealing to a man.

10. Imperfections and quirks

Most men don’t want a photo-shopped image of perfection; they want a real woman with all her quirks and loveable imperfections. What men find really attractive is a woman who is proud of who she is and not one who feels the need to pretend to be someone else.

What men find attractive in women? What are your thoughts?

Stay happy!

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