What Makes A Relationship Uninteresting And How To Avoid It?

There are a few reasons why relationships end, and losing its excitement is one of them. Beauty and Tips takes a look at why relationships become boring, as well as what can be done to keep the spark going.

When you first started dating your partner, we’re sure that the thrill you experienced was like being on a roller coaster. You were giddy with excitement, and there were always new things to do! Even when you moved in together, the excitement was still there. Eventually, though, things can become stale. When two people spend so much time together, it’s natural that things become stagnant. Real life gets in the way. We no longer have the same energy and enthusiasm as we did at the start of the relationship. We don’t try as hard to impress our partner, and we fall into the habit of routine. All of a sudden, you’re both tired after long days at work. You spend your spare time cooking and cleaning, and he spends his spare time on his computer. Communication breaks down, and the only time you do something a bit different is at the weekend. You’re bored, he’s bored and it seems as though the relationship has ran its course. It’s scary and alarming, because we never think our relationship is going to become uninteresting. It was so exciting during the early days, that it was impossible to imagine that it would become stale. Life seemed to be one big adventure! But it happens. Real life gets in the way. We run out of things to do and say. We get tired and lose motivation. We get too comfortable, and believe we don’t have to try so hard anymore. It’s okay if we don’t cook for him today. We can just pig out on the sofa – he won’t mind…

Fortunately, there are ways to get the excitement back and make a relationship interesting. To avoid yours from ever slipping into humdrum sterility, here are a few ways to avoid boredom in a relationship.

Define What Boredom Is

First of all, you need to define what an uninteresting relationship looks like to you. If you’ve been watching too many romantic comedies, you might have got the impression that a relationship isn’t interesting unless an adventure is happening every day. However, your partner might have a different definition. It’s all about perception. Is it really that boring and uninteresting when you return home from work each night, cook, clean a little, and watch TV together? Or is this what you’d call being comfortable with your partner and enjoying just being together?

Sometimes, it’s hard to go on an adventure every day. For now, you might just have to tweak a few things, including your own perceptions. Let’ say you do return home from work each night, cook, clean a little, and watch TV together. According to a romantic comedy, that would be lame and boring. But maybe it’s time to appreciate this fact some more. You’re living with your best friend, and you get to return home to him each night. Appreciate this and appreciate him some more. Make the most of this so-called routine. Put more effort into cooking – cook together! Choose new movies to watch, do different activities at night. Be more intimate. Just enjoy the moments!

Do New Things Together

Remember when you guys first started dating? He was introducing you to new things, and you were introducing him to new things. It’s great to be shown new things. It’s eye-opening. The first time you do anything is always the best. Just because you guys have tried lots of new things together already, it doesn’t mean you need to stop there. And just because he’s introduced you to all that he knows and you’ve introduced him to all that you know, it doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can both learn together. Keep things fresh and interesting by finding new things to try. This could include new foods, or it could include new skills.

Have Date Night

A relationship can really lose its fizz when we start staying indoors all the time. Picture it: He really wants you both to go out to eat tonight, but you resist, saying you feel tired and don’t want to dress up. If the two of you stay cooped up all the time, boredom will build and build. Moreover, you might even find that you start to get resentful. You want to be out there!

Make sure that you slot date night into your schedule each week. Plan something different each time. Pretend you’re both dating again! It’s fun and can prevent you crawling up the walls.

Go Away For A Night

Lots of couples look forward to their one holiday a year. That’s not much, and it means they spend the other 50 weeks largely at home, doing the same things: Cooking, cleaning, and arguing over the fact that he’s left the toilet seat up yet again! You need to get out of the house more and head somewhere romantic. Leave the dishes this weekend, dress up and stay over one night in a small hotel. It doesn’t have to be lavish. As long as it gets you both out of the house and somewhere different, that’s all that matters right now.

Have Fun Together

Is your boyfriend having most his fun at the sports games with his friends? Meanwhile, perhaps you’re having most of your fun with your friends over a few cocktails? Maybe you’ve ever seen your partner so absorbed, interested and excited as when he’s playing his video games and killing zombies? It’s really important that the most fun you guys have is when you’re together. Find something you both enjoy that you know you’ll have fun doing. Maybe you could go out for drinks together, head to a theme park, or shoot some pool at the local bar.

Take A Course Together

You might protest that you don’t have the time to take a whole freaking course right now. But Beauty and Tips would argue that there is always time. After 6 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, 2 hours of commute time and 1 hour of cooking, there are still 7 hours left in your day. That’s enough time to do a bit of studying. Doing a course together means one of you isn’t studying while the other is bored. It means you’re both involved in this. You’re both learning something new. You can help each other out, discuss problems, read together – and even stop for drinks after class is over! You can’t work together but you can study together. Try it, it’s fun!

(Unless you’re doing math. That’s not fun.)

What are your thoughts on what makes a relationship boring and how to avoid it?

Stay happy!

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