What makes a man attractive? 10 Tips from a woman’s perspective

What makes a man attractive to you? Is it money and good looks? Well, according to most surveys, these two things don’t even feature in the top ten of most women and it is, in fact, the things that men do, without even thinking, that make them really attractive. So, here is what we found that most women say that they find attractive in a man, according to our own survey:

1. A passion for life

Women want a man who has a true passion for life. Be that for sport, work or his hobbies, what a girl certainly doesn’t want, though, is a man who just wakes up, goes to work and then goes back again to only repeat the same thing! Passion for life. Now, that’s definitely attractive in a man!

2. What makes a man attractive? Kindness

Whether it’s a man who takes care of an elderly relative, or a man who shows kindness to complete strangers; women love a man who is kind. Some girls say it’s really attractive, when their man lets go of their macho image side for a moment, and shows the kinder, more sensitive side to his nature.

3. Intelligence

Intelligence in a man is also a very attractive feature. This doesn’t mean him having to have a master’s degree, but more that he takes a healthy interest in the things that go on around him and that he is always keen to learn something new.

4. A sense of humour

This one is on nearly every girl’s list of desirable traits in a man. The ability to make people laugh and also not to take himself too seriously is defiantly attractive in a man. After all, if you can’t have fun with a guy, then what’s the point in being around him?

5. Generosity

Another quality that makes men attractive is generosity. Selfishness and greed is not a nice thing to see in anyone and generosity goes hand in hand with kindness, in a sensitive man. A man who is generous with his time, love, kind words, advice or money is a man who is likely to be a keeper.

6. A family man

When a man spends time with his family, it shows that he is aware of his responsibilities and that he takes those responsibilities seriously. No one wants a mummy’s boy though, but he should, at least be, showing his parents and his family respect.

7. What makes a man attractive? A sense of romance

Girls also say that they want a little romance in their man. A man who knows how to romance a girl, who understands that the little signs of affection, care and love are just as important, as the big, grand gestures and romantic surprises.

8. Not afraid to show affection in public

Men who are not afraid to show their emotions and affection in a public are usually stronger and more confident types of guys. This type of attractive man is one, who will take a hold of your hand unexpectedly or give you a peck on the cheek, just because he feels like it.

9. A strong man

As much as girls love the kind and sensitive man, it’s still attractive when he does occasionally put his foot down. Not a domineering bully type of guy though, but one who knows his mind, is responsible (response-able), determined and strong, and will speak out or act, when it’s necessary.

10. Attentiveness

A man, who listens, pays attention and doesn’t take a girl for granted is what most women want. One who will be there when he is needed and full of unexpected nice surprises. Certainly not a man who expects a girl to be his servant and who only talks to her, when he wants something.

What makes a man attractive? Do you have some other thoughts?

Stay happy!

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  1. Bob
    March 17, 2018 at 6:54 am

    I’m all of these but no girls are interested…I’m 40, 5’6, slim, not particularly handsome, and have never had a proper girlfriend who hasn’t been just trying to use me. And even then there haven’t been a lot! I’m everything on your list 🙁

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