What happens when you fall in love? 10 Ways love empowers you to be a better person

When you fall in love, you feel on top of the world, and it is one of the most wonderful feelings that there is. The experience of falling in love also teaches you a lot about yourself and it can help you grow as a person. Love doesn’t always work out the way that we might have hoped, but we can still gain a lot from any relationship. Here are ten ways that love empowers you and can make you a far better person.

1. Love teaches you the importance of trust

When you fall in love with someone, you open your heart to them and you place your trust in them. Nothing teaches you the importance of trust quite like love does. Even if a relationship doesn’t work out and you were the one who got hurt, you can still take away the valuable lesson of how vital trust is in any kind of relationship.

2. Love teaches you how to put other people first

Love can teach you that you are putting other people’s needs before your own, which can be very rewarding. You realise that making a few small sacrifices can make someone else very happy. Everyone needs to look after their own happiness, but love teaches you that you can do that without treading all over everyone else.

3. Love shows you that doing new things is not so scary after all

When you are in a relationship, you will also be introduced to new things that you had never thought of trying before. You might learn to broaden your horizons a little and explore new options. It gives you the courage to be a little bit more adventurous and that can help you in many different aspects of life.

4. You learn how to manage conflict better

Being in love can also teach you how to fight fair and how to work towards a resolution of an argument, rather than to just win it. When you love someone, you don’t want to win at all costs, because there is more to be lost than to be gained. You learn that a compromise is often far better than an outright victory in a dispute.

5. Love teaches you that you are not perfect

Being in love can also highlight some of your own flaws to you. You want things to work, so you will become more willing to change your ways to make someone else happy. Love can help you to see yourself from someone else’s point of view and show the error of your ways.

6. Love teaches how to help other people succeed

When you are in love, you want someone else to succeed, as much as you want yourself to. Love teaches you to be a more supportive person who is capable of helping other people to achieve their dreams. You learn that sharing in someone else’s success can be just as rewarding, as getting there yourself.

7. Love teaches you to be more tolerant

Another important lesson that you can learn from being in love is tolerance of other people. When you are in love, you accept your partner’s flaws and, when you do that, you find that things that you thought were really irritating – aren’t so bad after all. It teaches you that, just because someone does something that you don’t agree with, that doesn’t mean that they are wrong.

8. You learn how to share

Living with someone else soon teaches you how to share. You no longer have a monopoly over the TV remote control and the bathroom is not solely your own domain anymore. If you’ve ever been single for any length of time, then you will know that this one can be a hard lesson to learn! Being willing to share, though, makes you a much more generous and kind person, so it’s a lesson well worth learning.

9. You learn how to let go

When you fall in love, you are taking a risk, because you leave yourself open to getting hurt, but that can teach us that letting our guard down and just enjoying the moment is well worth the risk that it involves. It can give us the courage to be more adventurous in many aspects of life and show us that the safest route is not always the most fulfilling one.

10. Love makes you stronger

Love doesn’t always go to plan and, when a relationship ends, it teaches you that you are a lot stronger than you thought you were. Being in love changes you for you the better and it teaches you many different things about yourself and the world around you. Even if a relationship doesn’t work out, you take away so much from it, that it empowers you to be a better person. It’s certainly well worth the effort and no good relationship will have been a waste of time.

Stay happy!

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