10 Personality Traits In Women That Attract Men The Most

Always wanted to know what men look for in a woman? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 personality traits in women that attract men the most.

Men like to say that all women are interested in are muscles, fast cars and money. If a guy has all three, he’s destined to always by a hit with the ladies.

It’s not true, of course. But it goes some way to highlighting how men think about women.

But how do women think about men? What do we think guys are looking for in us?

Again, we could play the stereotype card, and say that all guys are interested in is the perfect body – a good pair of breasts, a cute bum and a winning smile.

However, personality traits count for a lot. It might surprise you, but guys won’t commit to a long-term relationship unless they see the right personality traits in a woman. But what are they?

Let’s take a look at 10 personality traits in women that attract men the most.


Ever wondered why a hot girl is dating a decidedly average-looking guy? It’s because he has confidence and lots of character.

Just as girls look for character in a man, guys look for it in girls. Character is really what makes someone beautiful once we get to know them. It lasts longer than physical beauty, and it’s essentially what makes two people compatible.

If your character is unappealing (nasty, viscous, or just plain apathetic and dull), you’ll struggle to attract the best guys.

Guys want women who have soul. They want women who are prepared to be themselves, and not throw a hissy fit if the guy accidentally spills mustard on himself in a restaurant.

“Spill mustard on yourself again and I’m leaving. I cannot be seen with a guy who does that.”

Just no. Guys will spill condiments on themselves (sorry guys), and you know what? To them, the best girls are those who get mustard all over their faces, too!


Yes, guys look for confidence in women, too.

Confidence is attractive because when a woman knows what she wants, the guy feels like he’s in a bit of a competition with. And he likes it.

Moreover, when a woman knows what she wants, the guy knows she’s going to lead him somewhere … somewhere exciting!

Guys don’t want to have to hold your hand and guide you through life all the time. They want someone who’s already at their level so that you can both walk at the same pace together. Sometimes he will lead, and sometimes you will lead.

Confidence also reassures him that you can take the reigns in your own life without him having to keep rescuing you. You’ve got the confidence to sort your career out, which means he’s free to focus on his.

A Sense Of Humour

Guys are comedians. They love to crack a joke, lighten the mood and make us laugh.

If you can’t laugh at his jokes and prefer to take life seriously (because “politics, wars, et cetera), he’s going to have a hard time falling in love with you.

Relax. Chill. Be happy that some people just want to make the world a bit brighter with their humour.


Do you have self-respect? If you do, guys will love you.

Guys like it when women respect themselves enough to keep certain aspects of their lives private.

Guys don’t like it when women get into slanging matches on social media, hang out with the wrong type of people, or swear like a sailor to all and sundry.

They like it when you respect yourself enough to behave like a lady, both indoors and outdoors. This means dressing up, respecting others, being punctual, and not stumbling home at 4am every Saturday night with yet another new guys number on your phone.


Of course a guy likes it when you agree with him. But he doesn’t want to date a sycophant who can’t think for herself.

Have firm opinions. Don’t back down from them just to please him. It won’t upset him. He’ll find it refreshingly attractive. And who knows? You might change his opinion on something.


“Dude, I don’t do affection.”

Is this you? If so, it’s a bit off-putting to guys.

Although guys like to put on a front, they’re actually quite tender deep down. Although they’ll brawl with their mates and cuss at referees at sports games, they have a vulnerable, emotional side.

In other words, they want to get affectionate with someone – you.

If, however, you’re as cold as ice, it’s going to be a major turn off.

Hey, guys are human too. They want women to hold them, kiss them, stroke them, and treat them gently. Yes, they will want you to dote on them, too.



As well as affection, guys fall madly in love with women who are kind.

It’s not enough that you’re kind to him. Men love women who are kind to everyone, including total strangers.


You’ve got goals and dreams, and you’re determined to achieve them. For a guy, this is a lot better than a woman whose only dream is to lie in bed all day with him. While that’s cute, it’s not what he wants from a woman.


You don’t need to be a member of MENSA or anything like that. But guys get so bored when a woman has nothing to talk about except the latest gossip.

Intelligent women make guys go weak at the knees. A guy knows that a smart woman can provide the stimulating conversation he desires. It gets him a bit excited, and it’s one of the biggest qualities he looks for in a woman.

Guys generally like to learn stuff. They have an innate fascination with the world and how stuff is made. And they just love it when a girl is on their level intellectually, and has stuff to teach them.

You’re Not Needy

Lastly, you’re too independent to be needy. You have things going on in your life that don’t involve him, and therefore you don’t need him to be there 24/7. You can function perfectly if you go a whole day without seeing him, and won’t be bombarding him with texts when he’s out with his friends.

Dd you have other thoughts on what attracts a man to a woman?

Stay happy!

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