What are signs of true love? 10 Small things that prove that your love is true  

You might think that you are truly, deeply, in love, but how can you really be sure? If you’ve been fooled by love before, or if you are simply unsure whether what you are feeling is the real thing, then that could be holding you back from making the commitment that you really want to make, because you are doubting your own feelings. It’s not unusual for people to question their own emotions and feelings, so read these ten small things that will prove to you that your love is true.

1. He knows what’s on your mind

When love is real, you kind of know what is really on each other’s mind, even if you can’t express it to each other. You learn to read each other’s body language and understand what you need and want. It’s not quite telepathy, but it’s not far off.

2. He’s always putting your interests first

Another one of signs of true love is when he makes you his number one property. He thinks of you when he chooses things to buy and he never does anything that he knows will make you feel uncomfortable. He also includes you in every decision that he makes about the future.

3. He never forgets the little things

The unexpected gifts and gestures are a sign that his love is true. Flowers when you feel low and breakfast in bed, when you don’t feel well are all signs of how much he cares and how much he wants you to be happy.

4. You worry and care about each other

If either of you are late home, the other one begins to worry. It’s not a cloying, smothering type of thing, just a slight apprehension when one of you is late, or going through a particularly hard time.

5. You want to tell everyone about your love

Next one of signs of true love is when you both can’t stop talking about each other to friends, because you’re so excited about the relationship. It’s always a good sign too, when you introduce each other to all your friends and family. It shows how proud you both are of each other.

6. He does things because he knows that they are important to you

True love means that you will do things with your partner just because you know that it will make them happy. He probably can’t stand some of the romantic movies that you like, but he’ll sit through them for you anyway.

7. You miss him when he’s not around

Everyone needs some time alone, but you will miss him even when you are enjoying yourself, when you are really in love. Basically, your man is your favourite person to be with, so why wouldn’t you miss him being there?

8. You have inside jokes

True love means that you are best friends too and you will have some things that just make you both burst into laughter for reasons that no one else understands. You won’t care that no one else is in on the joke, because it’s a little secret that only the two of you share.

9. You both can’t live a day without saying ‘I love you’ to each other

Another one of clear signs of true love is when you both feel the need to express your love. You are never tired of those three words, even after saying them over and over again for years. And often, words aren’t even necessary to express how you feel; saying ‘I love you’ with everything you do can speak even louder than words.

10. You’ve stopped thinking about other people

And finally, you will know that your love is true when you have both stopped thinking about other people. Neither of you would even consider being with anyone else, and you have no thoughts at all about past relationships either. That’s why they call it The One.

What are signs of true love?

Stay happy!

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