Top 20 different types of kisses everyone should experience

Pucker up, it’s time for some serious kissing! Kissing is not only fun, it’s also good for you. It releases ‘feel good’ hormones in your body that can combat stress, anxiety and depression and a really passionate, long lasting kiss can help you to lose weight too. 😉 But, Kissing isn’t just kissing. There are lots of different types of kisses, so here are twenty different types of kisses that you can try with your partner, if you are feeling bold:

1. The butterfly

Get up real close to your lover, so your eyelashes are touching, and flutter your eyelids up and down very quickly, and it will feel like a butterfly’s wing against their eyes. It’s a really cute thing to do and it’s an ideal way to get a rest between usual kisses.

2. Peck on the cheek

We all know how to kiss someone on the cheek, but this simply show of affection can mean different things in different circumstances. It could be a friendly greeting to someone you know well, it could be saying hi or goodbye to your boyfriend or it could be a flirty little message to someone else.

3. The single lip

A gentle kissing on one of your partners lip is a beautiful way of showing your love. It’s a cute one, but it’s also a romantic one too, that says ‘I love you’.

4. The Eskimo

Close your eyes and rub noses, it’s what the Eskimos do. This one is just cute, no passion, no pressure, just a very simple show of love and affection.

5. The Spiderman

You don’t have to get your man to hang upside down from a tall building, like Spiderman did in the movie; you could just do this lying down. Kissing upside down means that you bottom lip is touching their top lip, so it’s a bit different from a regular kiss. Give it a try and see for yourself if you like it.

7. The lip gloss kiss

Smother your lips in a lip gloss and give your partner a really sensual surprise. It’s a great way to get in the mood and you add an extra surprise with a fruit flavored, ‘tasty’ lip gloss.

8. The lingering one

Let you kisses linger, just like they used to do in the movies, when they weren’t allowed to portray a French kiss on screen. Hold on tight, keep your mouth closed and keep going for, at least, ten seconds of passion.

9. The hand kiss

A little formal these days, but in the old days, a gentleman always greeted a lady with a kiss on the hand. Today, though, it might be best left for kissing kids, little girls love it.

10. The air kiss

Now quite a common form of greeting to friends and family. Press your cheek up against theirs and make a kissing sound in the air; but don’t go too mad with this one, as it can look really pretentious and take some people by surprise!

11. The neck kiss

Kissing someone on the neck is actually quite an intimate kiss and many people do this in between French kissing. The neck is quite a sensitive part of the body, so a gentle kiss on that area is quite a turn on!

12. The nose kiss

A kiss on the nose shows real affection and closeness. You would never kiss a stranger or even a boyfriend that you haven’t been going out with for that long, like this. It’s a cute and romantic way of showing your commitment to each other.

13. The blown kiss

When you blow someone a kiss, you could be saying many different things. It could be an invitation to get closer, or it could just be a bit of innocent playfulness; it all depends on the delivery. Just make sure that you give the message that you intended, when you next blow someone a kiss.

14. A kiss on the eyelids

A gentle kiss on or near the eyelids is a really tender way of showing your deep affection for someone. It is most often used when walking up your partner in the in the morning or when you are saying goodbye, and this kiss really does speak volumes of tenderness.

15. The forehead kiss

A good place to start for the shy or a message that you are just good friends; a kiss on the forehead is a beautiful sign of affection and it’s also a great and magical way to heal pain and sickness in children too!

16. The teaser

Start with a gentle kiss to the forehead and work your way down to the lips, the chin and the arms with little kisses all along the way. A good way to turn your partner on and, where you stop kissing on the way down is entirely up to you!

17. The heads askew kiss

This is the position that most people adopt for a passionate kiss and this type of kissing is most often used in movies. One person’s head leans one way, while the other person’s head leans the other way. This way, you can get really close to someone without bumping noses!

18. The French kiss

Different types of kisses list wouldn’t be complete without the most famous kiss of all – the French kiss or the tongue kiss, which is easy in theory, but with practice it can get much better. The French kiss is a passionate, romantic, slow kiss in which partners touch each other’s lips and tongue. And, if you wondered why it’s called a French kiss, it’s because the French had a reputation, at the beginning of the twentieth century, for being more adventurous, when it came to matters love.

19. The pressure-kiss

The really hard, lips held together, pressure-kiss, can be a sign of unbridled love and passion, but it is also often the kiss of a final farewell. Whatever the reason for this kiss, don’t hold it for too long or it can hurt!

20. The mad throbbing kiss

When you finally get that man you’ve been after for a long time, then this is kiss for you. This is the uncontrollable and frenzied kissing of wanton desire, where you kiss each other over and over again.

What other types of kissing did we forget to mention? Feel free to share your own kissing tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy, love and be loved!

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  1. forehead kiss
    April 4, 2014 at 2:51 am

    I think kisses on the forehead are cute and meaningful they are not being to forward but the guy is letting you know he has you and really wants to keep you.

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