How to be more social? Top 10 tips on how to improve your social life

Do you feel like you want to get out more and meet new friends, but are unsure on how to go about it? You’re not alone, because many people find it difficult. While we all love having friends around us, actually making a positive effort to find new friends can be a bit daunting. So, if you want to boost your social life and make some new friends read these top ten tips and discover some ways to do it:

1. Practice saying ‘yes’!

How many times have you turned down the offer of meeting for a drink or going out somewhere? A good starting point on how to improve your social life is start saying ‘yes’ to invitations, just like Jim Carrey did it in the movie ‘Yes Man’, remember? Most people have a fear of meeting new people and doing new things, but you won’t know if you will like something, until you try it.

2. Make more of an effort with existing friends

Another suggestion on how to improve your social life is to make more effort with your existing friends. If you make the effort to get out more with your friends, then you are more likely to meet new people. Let your friends know that you are available to go out more and they will invite you more often.

3. Make socialising a priority

You will need to make an effort, if you want to boost your social life; it’s not going to come to you automatically. Set time aside to see people and make arrangements to go out more and don’t just take the easy option of staying in, on your own.

4. Look up for old friends on Facebook

Our next tip on how to improve your social life is to use Facebook to meet people for real, not just for sitting at home surfing. Facebook is an amazing tool for re-establishing contacts, but so few people actually take the next step of arranging to meet in person.

5. Stop fearing rejection

One of the biggest hurdles to people boosting their social life is that they are afraid of rejection. They ask themselves questions like, ‘what if they don’t like me?’, or, ‘what if they say no?’…Forget all the, what if’s, they will probably never happen and even if they do, what have you lost?

6. Be positive around other people

Another good tip on how to improve your social life is simply being positive around other people. No one likes to hear somebody complain and moan all the time, so be positive and upbeat when you are around others. People socialise for fun and to feel good, so the more fun you are to be around, the more friends you will have.

7. Listen to people and be prepared to help

Make an effort to listen to people and offer to lend a helping hand when it’s needed. Building a circle of close and trusted friends, is more important, than having a wide circle of casual acquaintances.

8. Join a club or take up a sport

This had to be on our list, didn’t it? There’s no doubt that of you take up a sport or join a club you will come into contact with new people. Then it’s up to you to capitalise on that opportunity and turn some of those people into friends.

9. Try not to be boring

Keep up with current affairs and make conversation with other people that you meet. Avoid just talking about yourself all the time and be aware of people’s faces and their body language to make sure that they are enjoying the conversation too.

10. Look outward and not inward

The easiest way to get other people interested in you is to show an interest in them. It always works better when you are looking to be a friend to someone, rather than asking them to befriend you. Show interest in them and it will not appear to be all ‘me, me, me’. Then they, in return, will show an interest in you.

Do you have some other tips on how to improve your social life?

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Stay happy!

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