How to be happy in a relationship? Top 10 romance killers you should avoid by all means

Where did it all go wrong? That’s a question that many people are left asking themselves, when a relationship turns sour. Once things start to settle down a bit and the honeymoon period is coming to a close, it’s easy to make some simple mistakes that can kill a beautiful romance, stone dead! Some of these mistakes seem insignificant while others are far more dramatic and should be obvious. But, people still go on making them, so here are ten of the top romance killers to steer well clear of:

1. Spitting out all the juicy details about your ex

Most girls know to steer clear of talking about an ex when dating, but it’s equally important later on in a relationship too. You might think it’s safe to talk about exes, once you’re firmly settled with your boyfriend, but trust us, it’ll never be something that he wants to hear about, so just keep quiet about it.

2. Spending too much time at home

Don’t forget about vacations and dating, they can do wonders for any relationship. A study found that taking regular vacations are one of the most important things that a couple can do to keep their romance alive. The study found that couples who go on holiday together, at least, once or twice a year, were far more close and intimate, than those who did not.

3. Lack of intimacy

One sure fire way to kill a relationship is to deny your partner tenderness and intimacy. Intimacy is an important part of a healthy and loving relationship, and a lack of it can lead your partner to not feeling wanted and eventually it may lead to him being unfaithful.

4. Arguing in public and letting the whole world know about your relationship problems

If your partner has done something to upset you, then leave it until you get home to tell him. Shouting at him in public and letting the whole world know that he has done something wrong is going to make him feel embarrassed and belittled; if that happens too often, it will destroy any love that he has for you.

5. Geting stuck in a boredom rut

Don’t mistake being comfortable for being boring. Boredom is possibly the worse romance killer that there is at it creeps up, unnoticed on you and then, it bites! Don’t get stuck in a rut and keep the relationship fun by trying new things and going out, just like you used to do before.

6. Dressing like your grandmother when you go to bed

Guys still like a bit of excitement in their life, even if they’ve been in a relationship for a long time, so make sure you don’t look like your grandmother, when you go to bed. Flannel pyjamas and thick dressing gowns that hide everything are not going to keep his interest for very long.

7. Getting your own way all the time

You can’t be right all the time, so don’t try pretending that you are. Getting your own way all the time and always getting the last word in, to prove a point, will lead to your partner eventually giving up any attempts to communicate with you. Without communication, the romance will surely die! Be aware of it and compromise when needed.

8. Running yourself down

Not believing in yourself can be really tiresome for your partner. Some girls just don’t seem to get that their partner loves them and are always seeking affirmation of this with questions like ‘Do you really love me?’ Ultimately, constantly questioning a person’s love will only turn them away.

9. Nit-picking and bickering

Arguing over every little thing and constantly finding fault with each other will eventually make a relationship go cold. Some people get so much into the habit of doing this, that they don’t even realize that they are doing it. They mean no harm by it, but it is slowly chipping away at the relationship.

10. Letting your physical appearance go

This is something that frequently happens in a relationship; people become so comfortable that hey stop trying to look nice for their partners. He doesn’t bother to shave on the weekends and she stops wearing makeup around the home. Being comfortable at home is important, but so too is making an effort for your partner.

How to be happy in a relationship? What other romance killers should we avoid by all means? Feel free to share your thoughts and good relationship advice in the comment section below.

Stay happy and cherish the love!

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