10 Magical Words (Phrases) That Will Make Your Relationship Stronger

Sometimes, the three magic words “I Love You” don’t always cut it. There is a time and a place for them to be used. Sometimes, you instead need to sprinkle your conversation with other magical words.

Respect should form the backbone of your relationship. Respect between two partners is what keeps a relationship strong and healthy. Without it, things can easily fall apart. Trust erodes, arguments flare up, and it can be really easy to love fall out of love.

If you want to keep your relationship burning bright, it’s important that you both know the art of communication. There is a skill to it, and there are certain magical words you can use that will help you keep your relationship ticking over.

Let’s take a look at 10 magical phrases that can make your relationship stronger.


One word. So simple. But so effective.

Saying “please” before you end a sentence is a fantastic way of promoting the art of communication between the two of you.

Instead of ordering him to do the dishes today or demanding that he puts the toilet seat down, show him some respect by saying “please.”

Your man will be more inclined to respond to you positively if you do this. Otherwise, he’ll feel as though you’re taking him for granted.

“Thank You.”

Two words this time, but still so simple and still so powerful.

Yes, he’s your partner. Yes, he makes you dinner and you make him dinner. But it doesn’t mean that you can get away without thanking him.

Say thank you is just common courtesy, and if you want to make sure that your relationship doesn’t go down the drain, it’s important that you say these words. Keep the respect high.

Otherwise, you might start saying precedents so that eventually none of you say thank you for everything. This is a slippery slope.

“What Do You Think?’

Your relationship is not all about you and your option. It’s a democracy, and the best way to keep it strong is by involving your partner in all your decisions.

Don’t take the lead and expect him to just follow. Cultivate his opinion, find out what he thinks. Give him the respect he deserves by letting him have a say in everything that’s important.

Don’t just buy that expensive pair of shoes – ask him first.

“I Believe In You.”

Whenever he’s heading off to something important, such as a job interview, it’s okay to say “I love you”, but why not tell him that you believe in him, too?

“I believe in you” is a great motivator. It lets him know that someone actually thinks he can do this, and better still that someone is YOU.

You might think he’s got bags of self-belief and doesn’t need someone to tell him they believe in him – but you’d be wrong. He needs to hear these words from you.

“I Appreciate You.”

Yes, you appreciate him and you sure as heck know that you appreciate him. But does he know this?

You probably take it for granted that he does. After all, you live with him, right?

Believe it or not, though, guys need reassurance. They need to know that we appreciate them. It makes them feel wanted. If you don’t tell them often enough, they’re going to get plagued with self doubt.

Each time he helps you out, tell him that you appreciate the help.

At the end of the week, tell him that you appreciate him full-stop.

“You Look Better Now Than When I Met You.”

Maybe he’s been worried about ageing recently. Maybe he’s expressed concerns that he doesn’t look as good as he did when he was younger.

Maybe he’s worried that you don’t find him as attractive anymore.

If so, reassure him that you find him more attractive now than you ever have done. Be specific, and say that his eyes are more mysterious now, or perhaps that he’s developed a leaner body.

“I’m Sorry.”

Saying I’m Sorry is so blooming hard to do that Elton John went and wrote a song about it. And it got to number 1 because everyone could emphasise with the lyrics.

“Sorry seems to beeeee the hardest wordddddd.”

If you want your relationship to be strong and healthy, “I’m sorry” could be the most magical words you’ll ever use. It breaks down the icy barriers after an argument and lets wounds heal. It shows that you’re mature enough to admit when you’re wrong – something he will totally appreciate.

Instead of sighing and huffing and avoiding the issue, hold your hands up and apologise like a grown-up so that you can both move on from the issue as quickly as possible.

“I Care.”

This one comes with a caveat; you can’t just casually say that you care – you’ve gotta prove it.

It’s easy to say that we care, but how often do we set about showing how we care?

If your partner is struggling at work because of a boss that is on his back, show him that you care about his problems by talking him through it and seeking out a solution. Work with him, put some time aside for him, and show that you love him.

“I Forgive You.”

How often do you sulk whenever he’s done something wrong?

How long do you play it out before finally forgiving him?

How long do you purposefully make him feel bad for what he’s done?

The moment he is man enough to apologise to you should be the moment you forgive him. If you don’t, you’re weakening the bonds of your relationship.

Forgive and forget is something you should abide by. Instead of drawing things out, nip it in the bud by telling him that you forgive him (and can he please buy you dinner though).

“You Are Important.”

This man is your partner who, presumably, you want to spend the rest of your life with it. But does he know just how important he is to you?

Lots of people don’t reach their potential because they don’t have someone next to them telling them how important they really are. It’s your duty to be your man’s cheerleader. You’re the one who needs to remind him of his importance that will help him fulfil his potential.

Stay happy!

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