Single On Valentine’s Day? Here Is How You Can Make That Day Amazing

Single on Valentine’s Day? That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun.

We know what it’s like. Valentine’s Day is for couples. Yada-yada.

But really, Valentine’s Day is for love. And if you love yourself, there’s no reason why you can’t indulge yourself this February.

After all, there are many singletons around the world on Valentine’s Day. Are we supposed to just down tools, lock ourselves indoors and cry until the day is over? Absolutely not! We’re going to have just as much fun as our friends whose boyfriends are taking them out.

In fact, there’s no reason why we can’t have even more fun.

Because, while all the couples have “each other” and “love” et cetera, we’ve got chocolate and bath bombs. Would we want it any other way?

Ladies, if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, here are a few ways you can make it an amazing day to remember.

Take The Day Off Work

If you’re savvy enough, you should plan way ahead and use one of your vacation days this year on Valentine’s Day. Book it off!

Booking Valentine’s Day off work makes sense for a few reasons. Firstly, you won’t have to spend all day at the office listening to your colleagues talking about what they’re doing tonight with their boyfriend and how in love they are.

Secondly, you get to spend the day doing whatever you want to do.

And that’s exactly how the most loved-up day of the year should be. Playing hooky from work? Cupid would be proud.

Go To A Day Spa

For the self-indulgent treat this Valentine’s Day, why not head down to a day spa and get pampered to heck?

Day spa’s can be expensive. But since this is a special day, treating yourself to something you deserve simply has to be done. Book the day off work, and drive down to a retreat for champagne, pampering and massages.

Treat Yourself To Some Box Sets

Got the night all to yourself? Then why not buy some popcorn, some alcohol and sit yourself in front of the TV all night watching your favourite box sets.

If you’re tired of watching the same box sets all the time, check to see what new ones Netflix (or whatever streaming service you use) recommends.

Be Productive

Can’t really afford to be indulgent? Be productive instead!

Face it, all your friends are busy. So now is your best chance to catch up on all those chores you’ve been putting off for ages.

It might sound really boring to spend your Valentine’s Day doing chores, but a the end of the day you’ll feel an enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction. While everyone else is busy, you’ll be spending your time catching up with things. You could clean the house, organises your shelves, fire off some emails … whatever needs doing, spend this time doing it.

Go Shopping Online

To make yourself feel better this Valentine’s Day and get yourself primed and ready to meet the man of your dreams, treat yourself to some new clothes that make you feel good.

Clothes shopping always makes a woman feel good, and doing it online saves you time so that you can shop and then enjoy your evening doing whatever else makes you feel great.

Do Something New

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time but never got round to doing it? Maybe you’ve always been too busy so have kept putting it off and putting it off?

It could be anything, from a new hobby to joining a yoga class.

Why not use Valentine’s Day as the perfect time to do it? You’ve certainly got a bit of time on your hands, and who knows? Doing something new could lead to YOU meeting a new man.

Join An Online Dating Site

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, then why not make the changes now so that you’re not single next year?

If you’ve never joined a dating site before, now could be the time to join one. Signing is up easy, and there are many dating sites that cater for different niches. Some are free, while others require a subscription fee.

If you’re unsure of online dating sites, you should know that more and more people are finding true online.

So grab yourself a glass of wine, make yourself a profile and see what happens. What’s the worst that could happen?

Participate In Secret Valentines

You’ve heard of Secret Santa’s. So how about Secret Valentine’s?

Secret Valentine works in a similar way to the that Secret Santa in that you and your friends all get together and send each other a secret gift.

The only difference is that everyone is single!

The gifts can be as fun or as naughty as you like.

Throw A Party For Single Friends

If you have any single friends, why not invite them all over to your house for a cracking party for singletons?

The great thing about a part for single people is that everyone is single, which means that there is a chance that someone will meet someone and start dating!

After all, the last thing anyone wants is to get talking to somebody, find that you really like them, only to be that told that they’re married. Don’t you just hate it when they flash their ring at you?! Not cool!

Try Speed Dating

Speed dating is nothing but FUN.

Although it can also be very nerve wracking.

If there is a speed dating event in your town on Valentine’s Day, heading down there could lead to one of your most memorably ever Valentine’s Days. Everyone is single like you, and everyone is looking for a bit of romance this year.

And if the nerves are threatening to get on top of you, grab a yourself a glass of wine or a cocktail (or two), and unleash your best patter!

Stay happy!

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