10 Signs You’ve Found Your Perfect Match

A lot of us grow up dreaming of Prince Charming. We know we’ll probably have to go through a few different guys before finding our Prince, but we’re ready to be patient.

Sometimes, the perfect match comes when you least expect it. After a few weeks or months with a guy, you start to ask if he’s actually you the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

“Can it be true? Is he really the one?”

It’s an exciting question, and an exciting time in your life. After all, this is something you’ve been waiting for.

If you want to know for sure whether he’s the One for you, we can’t guarantee to know the answer. But we have got 10 sure fire signs you’ve found your perfect match.

You Think Of Them As Soon As You Get Good News

Whenever we receive great news, we can’t wait to share it with people. Your mom and dad will probably spring to mind, but now that you’ve met the perfect guy he takes precedent before anyone else.

You think about them all the time as it is, so it’s not surprising that when you receive news that makes you smile from ear to ear, he’s the one who instantly comes to mind. You can’t wait to share it with him. You know he’ll reciprocate your happiness.

You’re Both Positive

Just because one – or both of you – are negative, does that really mean you guys aren’t right for each other? Very possibly.

When two people are right for each other, there will be plenty of smiles and positivity. Why wouldn’t there be? There’ll be smiles in the morning, smiles when you see each other again, smiles at night, smiles as you talk on the phone – well, you get the picture.

Positive emotions are key to a happy, lasting relationship.

You Care What Your Family Thinks Of Him

When you dated the rebel rocker as a teenager, you frankly didn’t care what your family thought about him. In fact, you didn’t want them to meet him. Your parents just weren’t cool enough for him. Besides, you already knew their answer – they wouldn’t have liked him.

But now that you’ve grown up a bit and have met a man you actually think you could spend the rest of your life with, how your family feels about him matters. You want them to like him, and to get along with him. You know he’ll be coming over for lunch and other things. It’s important that he likes them and that they agree that he’s amazing. It will make you even more sure about him.

There Are Golden Silences Between You Both

Uma Thurman elucidated this perfectly in Pulp Fiction.

Basically, you know you’ve found someone great when you can both shut up and actually feel comfortable.

You Cuddle A Lot

Couples who aren’t really right for each other don’t tend to cuddle a lot. It doesn’t always feel quite right, quite comfortable.

But when you two are genuinely the perfect matches, cuddling is something you just want to keep doing.

Consistent intimacy is a clear indicator that a relationship is going places. If such physical affection makes you feel secure and takes you to your happy, warm place, you’re onto something lasting and fulfilling.

He’s Your Best Friend

You’ll have heard it said that your life partner should also be your best friend. That’s true. So if your boyfriend has actually become your best friend, it’s a very strong sign that you guys are perfectly matched up.

But how do you know when he’s become your best friend? What are these signs?

A best friend is someone you’re supremely comfortable around.

A best friend is the one you turn to when you’ve got a big problem.

A best friend is someone who respects you, laughs with you, encourages you, and who you trust with your life.

Your Values Pair Up

They say that opposites attract. But while it’s perfectly okay to have opposite interests and passions, it’s not okay to have opposite values.

Values are what guide our everyday decisions, including both small and big ones. Our values are our morals and ethics. If yours don’t match those of your partners, it’s going to be very tricky to keep this relationship going. While things may be looking okay during the early stages, mismatched values will eventually cause issues.

You Can Actually See A Future With Them

If a man is the One for you, it’s natural that at some point you guys will start to picture what your shared future will be like. To this end, you picture living together in your own house. You picture taking vacations together, having kids together and growing old together.

You wouldn’t picture these things with just anybody. If a man isn’t a perfect match, you’re uncomfortable with picturing a shared future because you’re not sure he’s going to be a part of it. Moreover, you’re not sure you want him to be a part of it.

But when you want him to be in your future plans, you start to dream.

You Can Just Be Yourself

Sometimes, you’re not going to be at your best. When you first start dating a guy, things are different of course. You make sure to always be at your best. Anything less and he’ll probably move on, right?

But if you guys are so comfortable with one another that you can walk around having not showered for three days, it’s a good sign that you two are perfect for each other.

(I mean, not showered for three days? Who else is gonna want you?!)


Your Life Goals Match Up 

“I want to live a life of ultimate freedom.”

“OMG so do I!!”

Life goals are kinda a big deal. After all, they’re pretty much going to dictate what the rest of your life is (hopefully) going to look like. So if yours are the same as your partners, you know all you both need to do is work together to make sure they come true.


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