10 Signs That You Are In Love That Are Scientifically Proven

There are times when we’ve thought we might be in love but not been totally sure. There are little signs such as missing him, dreaming about him, and getting butterflies in our stomach when he texts us. But do any of these signs truly mean we’re in love?

The problem is, how do you really know when you’re in love with someone or simply infatuated? How do you differentiate the real thing from lust and desire? How do you know when to say those three little words to him and when to hold back?

One way is to get science to back you up. Science is rarely ever wrong, and researchers have discovered that a brain which is in love looks really different from a brain that is simply coursing with lust. Moreover, there are at least 10 telltale signs your brain emits that suggest you are totally in love. Let’s take a look at them.

You’re A Total Wreck

When we fall in love, our hormones become unbalanced. As a consequence, we bounce between various emotional states and basically become a physiological wreck. One moment we are euphoric with happiness, and the next we’ve lost our appetite and can’t calm our heartbeat down.

Oh, the joys of being in love!

Indeed, the mood swings of someone in love are so violent that scientists have compared them with those suffered by drug addicts.

You Want To Be Emotionally Connected

Pure lust is driven by an libidinous desire to share your body with someone else’s. You want to have some naked fun with them, kissing them and caressing them. You don’t necessarily want to make that all-important emotional connection.

But when you’re in love, you definitely do. Sexual intimacy is often not enough, and you crave more from them. You want to be part of their world and forge an unbreakable emotional union that lasts forever.

You Know They’re Special

When you’re lusting after someone, it’s easy to get distracted by other hotties. Sure, the one you’re dating is cute and all that, but your mind still easily wanders. You fantasise about the guy on the bus, consider messaging others for a giggle, and wonder what your ex is up to these days.

When you’re in love, you can think of nobody but him. No one else matters, not even Leo Di Caprio. You burn up with romantic passion for one man and one man only, and it is this single-mindedness that is a major telltale sign that you are in love.

You’re Prepared To Change

Another one of clear signs that you are in love is when you are prepared to change…

This time last year you said you’ll never give up smoking, and you’ll never get into sports. Now that he’s come along, you suddenly find yourself wanting to give up smoking for him. Moreover, you actually want to take an active interest in the sports he watches. What the fudge?!

This basically means you’re in love, sweetie. Science has proven that people in love change their ways, no matter how habitual they had become. You want to please your Prince, after all.

You Can’t See Their Negative Traits

When you’re not in love with someone, you see both their positive and negative traits. And you really can’t get past their bad habits. It may well be that they smoke too much, chew too loudly, or break wind too often.

If you loved them, none of this would matter because you would embrace their flaws.

One of signs that you are in love is when you see another person as being simply perfect. Even their bad habits are totally okay because they are what make them who they are.

Scientists say this focused attention is due to elevated levels of dopamine.

You’re Obsessed

Did you know that when we’re in love we spend around 80-85% of our waking hours thinking about the object of our affection? That’s an incredible amount of time to be musing over just one person, but scientists say that this form of intrusive, obsessive thinking is a direct result of an overhead of serotonin in our brain.

Rather unfortunately, this condition is associated with obsessive compulsive disorders. But fear not, because being in love doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got an obsessive compulsive disorder over a guy; it just means he’s great and you love him. Yay!

You Hope You Stay Together Forever

When you lust after someone, you’re not thinking about the long-term. You’re not planning for where you’ll be in five years’ time. Instead, you just want to make sure that you’re definitely going to have some fun underneath the sheets at the weekend.

When you’re in love, however, you want to be with them forever. You daydream about your future together, and spend time making plans. Perhaps you discuss the idea of children as well as living together.

You Smile, Seemingly Without Reason

Smiling is another one of clear signs that you are in love. Your man makes you happy, so why wouldn’t you smile more often? Being in love can make us smile without any good reason. Perhaps you’re just sitting on the sofa, listlessly playing with your hair when, all of a sudden, you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and feel a smile appearing on your lips.

You Wish You Could Be With Him All The Time

This desire to be with him all the time originates from a fear of rejection, separation and of loss. You don’t want to lose him, and the only way you can be sure you won’t lose him is to be in his company all the time.

This is a scientifically proven trait that people in love all share. You’ve got an emotional dependence on someone else, and spending time apart from them fills you with anxiety and worry.

You Think In Twos

This is another one of sure signs that you are in love. There’s now two of you in your life, and your brain automatically responds to this change by causing you to think of “we” as opposed to “me”.

This is an interesting trait that people in love share, and scientists believe it goes right back to birth when we had and emotional bond with our mothers.

The great thing is that science has also found that people who use first-person singular nouns, such as “I”, are more prone to depression than those who are in love and say “we.”

Do you know other signs that you are in love?

Stay happy!


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