10 Warning Red Flags That The Guy Is Not Worth Your Precious Time

Relationships can be exhausting. They can be so exhausting that they make us question why we even bother getting together with a guy in the first place. Sure, being single can get really lonely, but at least there is less hassle and we can watch The Notebook late at night without getting into a blazing argument at the end of it because he wasn’t able to watch his precious soccer game!

But sometimes it’s the guy himself who is exhausting. You really want this relationship to work out but it just feels as though he isn’t putting as much commitment into it as you are. However, you’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because you really like him. But sometimes there are warning signs that you simply cannot – and shouldn’t – ignore. Let’s take a look at 10 warning red flags that the guy is not worth your precious time.

You Can’t Ask Him For Help

Imagine being in a relationship with a guy who you can’t even ask for a bit of advice and help? Well, you can but you don’t feel as though you can (or should) because of how he’s reacted in the past. For example, perhaps he’s always busy, or maybe he grumbles and mutters each time you ask him for a favour. As though it’s going to tear his life apart!

This kind of reaction is not cool. You should be able to ask your partner for help at any time. If you feel embarrassed to ask for advice, it’s a sign that he isn’t worth your time.

He Won’t Add You To Facebook

If you asked him to add you to Facebook but he said there’s no point because he hardly uses it, alarm bells should be ringing in your head. No matter what anyone says, we all use Facebook, and we probably all check it each day (maybe each hour).

There is no good reason for him not to add you to FB. If he keeps refusing and making excuses, you could reasonably take it as a sign that he’s got something to hide.

He Doesn’t Have Time For You

He’s got time to go to the pub with the lads and he always seems to have time on tap when it’s time for the NBA playoffs. But when it comes to make time for you, it’s as though he’s the busiest man in the universe.

Making time for others and himself but not you is a warning sign that you are not as high up his list of priorities as you’d like (or thought). Pay attention each time he blows you off with some lame excuse. If you barely see him unless it’s on his terms, it’s a strong signal that he doesn’t care all that much about this relationship.

He Can’t Get Off His Phone

This is another one of red flags in a relationship not to ignore. There might be a perfectly innocent explanation for why he’s constantly tapping away on his phone – but there also might not be.

Moreover, if he can’t pry himself away from his handheld device even when he’s in your company, it’s a sign that he’s more interested than what’s on his screen than you. This is not cool.

He Rarely Asks Questions

When we like someone we’re genuinely interested in, we ask questions. We might ask how their day is, or maybe we’ll go a bit deeper and ask them about their favourite memories or how they like to spend their weekends.

If he literally has no questions for you at all, it’s a sign that he isn’t really interested in getting to know you. He probably just wants a bit of fun.

He Takes Little Interest In Your Friends Or Family

During the early days of a relationship, it’s perfectly normal if he isn’t up for meeting your friends and family. He probably wants to take things slowly and see what happens.

Eventually, though, it becomes decidedly abnormal if he doesn’t have any interest at all in those closest to you.

If a guy is a keeper, he’ll even suggest meeting your family first. And when it comes time to meet, he’ll wear his best clothes, be on time, and he’ll make you look awesome.

You’re Genuinely Worried About Being Ghosted

When we’re dating someone who we know genuinely likes us, there is really a worry that he’s going to ghost us. Sure, we’re terrified that this might end at some point, but we know deep down that he’s too nice and loyal to actually stop answering us without any warning.

If, however, you know that he could literally ghost you at any moment, it’s a warning red flag that this guy isn’t digging you as much as you deserve.

He Makes Promises He Can’t Keep

This is another one of those red flags in a relationship that you simply can’t ignore. Everyone’s met a guy who promises us the earth only to give us a Big Mac. What they say is never backed up by what they do.

If your man is all talk but no action, it’s a surefire sign that there is no long term future in this relationship. He knows how to sweet talk you, but there is no substance.

He’s Keeping His Options Open

When you’re with someone you really want to be with, you cut off all other dating ties. This means you might disable (or even delete) your online dating profile, and you’ll stop going to the same places each Friday night to try and meet someone.

If, however, you know he still pops onto his dating profile and checks (and even sends) messages, it’s a bad sign. And if he still goes out each Friday night with his boys, it’s another warning sign that he’s still playing the field and not ready to settle down with you.

Abusive Behaviour

Lastly, if he’s ever shown flickers of abusive behaviour, you should take it as a sign that you need to get the heck out of this relationship. Abuse behaviour can take many forms, from threats of physical violence to emotional manipulation. If you sense that he’s a control freak who isn’t going to get any better, it’s essential that you spend your time elsewhere.

Do you know other red flags in a relationship that should not be ignored?

Stay happy!

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