New relationship advice: How to enhance intimacy with your partner?

Intimacy in a relationship goes well beyond being intimate in the bedroom. In fact, although the word is often associated with that activity, the dictionary definition is: ‘a close, familiar and affectionate personal relationship.’  But, we live such crazy and hectic lives these days, that sometimes couples don’t leave the time for intimacy in their relationship, so here are eight tips on how to enhance the intimacy with your partner:

1. Make time for each other regularly

It’s hardly surprising that this is on the list, but it’s amazing how many couples neglect to spend quality time together. You can’t possibly be intimate with a person that you barely talk to, so make sure that you allow, at least, thirty minutes a day of time to talk and give yourselves the time for a long conversation once a week or more often if you can. An easy way to make this time, and one that is missing from many relationships, is to eat together, sat at a table and not in front of the TV.

2. Always support each other, as well as the relationship

All advice pages will tell you that a relationship needs to be worked on to be improved, but it is just as important to help and encourage your partner to improve too. Helping each other to achieve ambitions, dreams and goals, and helping your partner to improve will give you both a shared sense of achievement and a closeness, that working as a team brings.

3. Don’t let go of date nights and romance

You’re never too old for dating and romance, and no relationship should be without it. Going out on dates makes you dress up for each other, choose venues to please you both and it gives you time to talk, be romantic and re-kindle some of that intimacy and closeness.

4. Embrace the ordinary 

Sharing your life with somebody means sharing the boring, as well as the exciting. We can’t avoid the mundane chores that need doing around the home and we can’t have fireworks every night, but if you embrace the ordinary things in life together, you can make them something unique and special between the two of you.

5. Be honest and open with each other, no matter what

To increase the intimacy in a relationship, you must trust each other enough to share all your thoughts and your feelings. There can be no secrets in a truly intimate relationship, so be open with one another, even about things that you have never discussed with anyone before. That’s what an intimate relationship is all about.

6. Express your gratitude and love through your actions

It’s easy to forget all the little things that you can do for your partner that will mean so much, because they came from you. If you bring your partner a bowl of steaming hot soup, when they have a cold, then it’s a special message of your love. Your partner could get their own soup, but, then it’s only a bowl of soup.

7. Learn new skills and visit new places together

A shared learning experience is a wonderful way to bring you closer and make your intimate relationship bloom. You can help and encourage each other and share in the achievement too. You could attend classes and learn to cook Indian food, learn to play a musical instrument, visit museums or even go to pottery classes, it did wonders for Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in ‘Ghost’, remember?

8. Learn to listen mindfully

You can’t communicate if you don’t listen and, if you are not communicating, you can’t hope to have an intimate relationship. Taking the time to listen, and listen properly, not only shows that you care, it is the only way that you are going to learn about your partner.

Do you have some other relationship advice on how to enhance intimacy in a relationship? Feel free to share your thoughts and tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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