Long distance relationship advice: How to remain in love, when you can’t even remain in the same zip code? 

A lot of people say that long distance relationships can’t possibly work, but they are usually the people that haven’t tried it themselves. You can keep a relationship alive, even if you are parted by many miles; so read these ten great tips on how you can stay in love, when you don’t live in the same area, or even in the same country.

1. Synchronise your free time

Our first long distance relationship advice is to synchronise your free time. Being apart does mean that you have to plan your schedules a bit better. You don’t want to make your one phone call of the day and find yourself talking to voicemail. Know each other’s schedules and make sure that you keep to times that you agree to talk. If you know what each of you is doing, it will make it much easier to stay in touch.

2. Share even the insignificant events of the day

Keep up to date with what is going on in each other’s lives and don’t just keep talking about the major events. This is one occasion when a bit of family gossip might even be useful, anything that will help you both feel a part of each other’s day will help you stay connected.

3. Share experiences

Another useful long distance relationship advice is to give yourselves something in common to talk about by sharing experiences and doing similar things. You could, for example, read a chapter from the same book each day or watch the same TV shows and keep up with current affairs on the news. That will create common experiences that you can share and talk about.

4. Make the best use of social media

Next long distance relationship advice is to make the best use of social media. There are plenty of online ways to stay in touch and share photos and experiences. Things like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are ideal for long distance lovers and can provide a great way to continue sharing your lives, even though you are apart.

5. Get out the paper and pen

And don’t forget that long lost art of writing letters. A hand written letter is so much more personal, then a text or an email, and people tend to put a lot more thought into a letter too. They also make much better keepsakes that you will want to read over and over again.

6. Try and stay positive

Another important long distance relationship advice is to stay positive. There is no denying that being apart can be painful, but you need to try and keep a positive spin on things. Be thankful that you do have someone who loves you, even if they are far away and try not to let your bad days get you down too much.

7. Use video calling whenever you can

Whenever you can, use video calling to communicate, because looking into each other’s eyes and seeing each other’s expression is far better than just a simple phone call.

8. Plan for the future

Another great long distance relationship advice is to have a plan for when you will get back together again, so that you’ll know when the end of your separation will be near. Planning for your future together will keep you both more positive and it will help keep your love and your commitment strong.

9. Say good morning and good night every single day

A simple good morning text will remind you both that you are still in love and it keeps you in each other’s minds for the rest of the day. Also, don’t forget a ‘good night, sweet dreams’ message as well, at the end of each day. Regular communication, no matter how short and sweet, is vital to help keep the relationship strong.

10. Make the most of the visits

When you do get time together, then make sure that you make the most of every second that you get. The times together will be precious and wonderful, so treasure them and they will give you a memory that you can hang onto, until you are able to get together again.

Do you want to share other long distance relationship advice?

Stay happy!

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