9 Things you should never do in the beginning of a relationship

When you first start dating a guy, it’s an exciting time, but it can also be a pretty stressful one. You both have to figure each other out and work out what makes you both tick, and you also want to make a good impression. Perhaps that’s why so many people let their nerves get the better of them and things don’t go according to plan. There are no strict rules as to what or what not you can say on a date, but there are a few things that you might want to think about avoiding. Here are 9 tips on the things that you should avoid when you are right at the start of a new relationship.

1. Don’t rush things

Take it easy; you’ve only just met the guy! A common mistake that people make when they first start dating a guy that they really like is that they want things to move along too quickly. Take your time and let things develop naturally. If you push him too hard, he will feel suffocated, and you may even scare him away.

2. Don’t tell any fibs

Don’t make things up just to impress a new boyfriend because, if you do stay together for a long time, those little fibs that you tell could come back to haunt you. Relationships have to be based on honesty, so you might as well start out the right way and then you won’t have to keep any awkward secrets in the future.

3. Don’t keep talking about your ex

If you just started dating a guy, then the chances are that your ex is still fresh in your mind. Try not to make comparisons between your ex and your new man and don’t keep talking about the things that you used to do with your ex, or the places that you used to go with him. If you do, your new date will think that you are on the rebound and that’s not a good way to start a relationship. A last point to remember about ex boyfriends: try to get new guy’s name right!

4. Don’t play games with him

We’ve all read those daft rules that say you should leave a new date guessing and not answer his calls too quickly, but playing hard to get can be a dangerous game to play. If you had a good time on a date and want to see him again, tell him. If you mess him around and pretend to be noncommittal, he might think you don’t like him, and he’ll go and find someone else to date who doesn’t play those games.

5. Don’t dump all your friends

Don’t forget how your friends helped you through tough times and just go and dump them because you have found someone new. Your friends will still be there for you, whether this relationship works out or not, and they are important, so stay in touch and keep some nights reserved for nights out with the girls.

6. Don’t be too clingy

When you really like a man, you might feel that you want to be with him all the time, but give him some space. Being too clingy, or needy, will make a lot of men nervous, so don’t be on the phone with him all the time, or sending him text messages every ten minutes.

7. Don’t get intimate too soon

Everyone has their own opinions and there are no hard and fast rules about how many dates you should go on before you get intimate with a man. Bear in mind, though, that while most men won’t turn down sex on a first date, some won’t respect you for it. It might sound a bit old fashioned, but some guys are just like that.

8. Don’t get drunk

While we are being a bit old fashioned, it’s also not a great idea to drink too much on the first few dates either. Quite apart from the fact that getting drunk could make a bad impression, it could also leave you vulnerable in potentially dangerous situations with someone you don’t really know very well.


9. Don’t tell him you love him too soon

Nearly all of the tips come down to allowing a relationship to develop over time and not rushing into things. You should take your time before you tell him you have fallen for him too. If you start telling too soon how much you love him, you might push him away. You might also change your mind about him after a few more dates!

Stay happy!

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