If Your Boyfriend Does These Things, He Is The Best Boyfriend Ever

Is your boyfriend the best boyfriend in the world? If he does these things, he definitely is!

Okay, so we’re from Venus and men are from Mars (although some are definitely from another galaxy altogether). But while boyfriends can be so frustrating at times (what is the deal with leaving the toilet seat up? How hard is it to put it down? SMH), they can also be incredibly loveable.

We’d argue that it’s a 50/50 split. Guys are annoying fifty percent of the time, and totally adorable fifty percent of the time.

It’s like when the Super Bowl is on. They invite the boys round for the night, and you literally wouldn’t even exist if you weren’t prepared to “make yourself useful” by making the longest sandwich ever in the kitchen. He annoys you during the Super Bowl. Everything just stops. And what even is a Super Bowl anyway?!

But then the next day, he does things that remind you why you love him so much. He makes you coffee in the morning, brings you flowers after work and lets you fall asleep in his arms on the sofa after work.

Aww. Bliss.

Because we all love our boyfriends, let’s take a look at the things that make your boy the best boyfriend ever (don’t tell him, though – do you really want to stroke his ego that much?).

He Sends You Random Love Messages

The thing that some guys just don’t get is that we really, REALLY like to hear that they miss us and that they’re thinking of us.

It always seems to be us who says these things:

“I really miss you!”


“But I do! I really miss you!”

“I know. Cute.”

“I just miss you.”


Oh my gosh. You know?

We’d appreciate it now and then if our guy didn’t just respond to our “I miss you” message with one of his own, but if he’d actually say that he misses us and thinks of us before we say it.

When your boy does this and sends you love messages randomly without you instigating anything, you know that you’ve pretty much got the best boyfriend in the world ever. Congrats.

He Makes Sure You’re Okay

You had a bad morning. You felt stressed and weren’t looking forward to work at all.

You were hoping that your boyfriend noticed enough to ask if you’ll be okay, but all he could do was wonder why you hadn’t washed his socks last night.


The best boyfriend in the world would totally take notice if you were feeling off-colour in the morning. They’d not only get the hints, but they’d ask how you were doing and if there was anything they could do to help.

Then, they would text you during the day to make sure you’re okay.

He’s Always Prepared To Make Sacrifices

The thing we love about the world’s best boyfriends is that this pretty elite club is filled with guys who are prepared to make sacrifices for us.

They love sports and “Game 6” (we won’t know, we heard it mentioned once) is on tonight. But despite their obvious excitement, they’re going to miss it and spend the night with you tonight.

Why? Because they love you. You’re awesome and they’re awesome.

And anyway they’re probably recording it (we can give them that).

He Lets You Have You Own Opinions

There is nothing worse than a guy that doesn’t let us have our own opinions. If ours contradicts his, it’s somehow invalid. Either he says that it doesn’t even count, or he’ll try his darnest to prove us wrong.

Okay, we get it if he feels for sure that we’ve been given misinformation about a subject. But we need respect from our partner, and need to feel reassured that he gives credence to our views and opinions.

The best guys are those who let you have your own opinions. They might not agree with them, but they respect you enough to let you have them.

He Prioritises You

Isn’t it a drag when you feel for sure that you’re right down the pecking order on your boyfriends list of priorities?

He’ll deny it of course, and claim that you’re at the very top.

But if you could see that list, you’d see that you’re right near the bottom.

You’re even below “buy some new socks” OMG GUYS NEVER BUY THEIR OWN SOCKS.

You know you’ve got a keeper when he put you first. You’re at the summit of his list of priorities. Everything he does is chosen with you in mind. If he’s been asked to work late tonight, he’s going to think how this is going to affect you tonight.

He’s Always There During The Bad Times

You’ve seen the quote by Marilyn Monroe. “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

A great boyfriend is someone who takes the rough with the smooth. They don’t go missing when you’re sick or stressed. You two are a team, and he’s willing to work with you during the bad moments so that the good moments taste even sweeter.

If you’re ill, he’ll be your doctor.

If you feel lost, he’ll be your guide.

If you’re stuck, hell be your teacher.

The mark of a great boyfriend is that he is there.

He Surprises You

We’ve heard it said that all relationships are doomed to monotony and routine. Eventually, the excitement of the first few weeks flickers out, and everything becomes boring.

This only happens if we allow it to happen.

If a relationship is to continue to fizz with excitement, you and your boyfriend must be creative and spontaneous.

One of the ways we can keep a relationship exciting is by surprising our partner from time to time.

We love surprises, and when our man surprises us every now and then with great stuff, it pretty much qualifies him as the best boyfriend ever.

Well, except the time we surprised us with the news that his mom was moving in with us. That wasn’t cool.

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